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Title: Dark Paths
Rating: PG
Summary: Japan has been invaded by creatures known only as 'the Heartless' as dimensions split in two and turmoil takes on a cosmic scale by the likes of which Koenma has never seen before. This of course, means that otherworldly visitors are becoming more common.
Notes:This has been sitting around for a while. I've been toying with the idea of KHverse YYH, looks like this'll end up being a series of one-shots concerning it. Also, wtf. I started writing this with the intention of Sephiroth/Kurama and instead I get this weird kind of...Sephiroth/Yukina thing. If you squint.




The swirling mass of black closed soon after Sephiroth stepped through. The large, black wing on his shoulder unfurled almost restlessly as he hovered just a little above the cracked and crumbling stone that had once been steps. Marred with the stomp of thousands of little feet as the Heartless wandered in search of hearts, the stairs that had once been in the rubble's place had become a weed infested, now more of a slope than a gentle incline.

He found himself staring at a temple. Something not unlike what he would have found in Wutai during the Midgar-Wutai conflict back in his own world. The Heartless had obviously swept through and left it bare of vegetation and in quite bad repair, mostly likely from the sheer number of them. The city he could see past the trees looked to be just as bad, if not worse.

However the life of the vegetation within the immediate vicinity of the temple was in perfect health, something Sephiroth quirked an eyebrow at. Odd.

Cloud had been here, he knew. He could taste his darkness on his tongue, like the answering call of something so akin to self that was more than just mako.

Was he still here?

There was a young girl watching him through one of the holes in the screen walls of the temple. As soon as their eyes met however she seemed to shake herself out of her trance and shift from his view. A moment later another screen opened and she stepped out of the temple. She made her way toward him, stopping once she’d reach a polite distance.

Sephiroth calculated that he could still cut her down with Masumune, at this range, but for the moment, he saw no threat. She blinked large red eyes at him (Sephiroth had seen stranger, not including his own cat-slit pupils) and bowed lightly in greeting. Sephiroth gave her a slight nod of his head in return. Indeed, she seemed just like a woman from Wutai, but this was not his world, and this was not Wutai. He was no longer a General of SOLDIER, ShinRa’s private army.

She was wearing a light coloured kimono, one that made him think of things he’d rather forget.

“Are you lost?” she asked softly, as if she were talking to a child. He’d have been insulted if she didn’t remind him so much of that woman from long ago. The one that circled the Lifestream with him even now, still impeding his processes even after he’d killed her.

Sephiroth merely stared at her and his wing gave an irritated flick at nothing in particular. The wind, perhaps. He said nothing. He merely hovered, his feet never having once touched the ground, and narrowed his eyes a little.

Sephiroth had been treated as many things – a monster, a hero, a psychopath -- but never a lost child.

She smiled weakly at him, having to crane her neck up at him, both because of her small frame and his hovering a few feet above ground. She must have been 5’ even. Sephiroth was 6’.“We haven’t had visitors from other worlds for quite a while, and I can tell you aren’t the Keybearer.”

So she knew of Sora?

Expression impassive, tone light but bland, Sephiroth asked, “Why do you remain here?”

She blinked, then smiled, recovering quickly. “I have to wait for Yusuke to return with the Keybarer. I have others with me. Genkai, the owner of this temple, is here too.” Something in her voice, though it was polite and courteous, told Sephiroth that she clearly didn’t need protecting, but had such a kind heart that protection had been dictated. Logically, as Sephiroth had knowledge of the need for such leverage sometimes, it would have had to have been suggested by someone she respected. A relative, perhaps.

“Why do you remain here, when your world is being eaten away?” he clarified.

She shook her head. “We are stronger than the humans, and what humans that remain here are being cared for. We are quite capable of protecting this world against any threat.”

Maleficent would have her hands full with this one. Sephiroth smirked slightly and lowered himself towards the ground a little, though as he did so, another denizen appeared. This one, Sephiroth assumed, was one of the red-eyed girl’s protectors.

“Yukina?” he called from a distance, his tone cautious. Sephiroth privately approved of his wariness. He looked up the new being, a faint shadow of a smile on his lips.

Yukina moved to the side and turned her head towards the direction of the voice. Sephiroth recognised it for what it was; she was protecting her organs whilst still being polite enough to face the both of them at the same time. Indeed, it seemed she certainly was capable of defending herself. “Kurama, this man just came from a dark path. Like the one Koenma used for Yusuke, Kuwabara and Hiei.”

“I see.” With cold, jade eyes fixed on Sephiroth, the boy called Kurama advanced to stand beside Yukina. “What is your business here, if you’re not with Yusuke’s party?”


While Sephiroth could have easily teleported elsewhere, he chose to stay and speak, simply because they interested him and reminded him of so many things all at once. Genesis had been ever the smart mouthed, vain creature, and this one, just from the simple way he walked to the way he addressed Sephiroth, spoke of many, many years spent being looked up to. Nostalgia was a lead weight in Sephiroth's stomach.

“I am searching for my light...” he said, holding his hands before him and then spreading them wide. He looked upwards, to the sky. “I can taste him; he’s passed through this world recently, if he isn’t still here.”

Yukina had the grace to look understanding, which confused Sephiroth a little, though he didn’t allow it to show through his features. He merely stared at her, and she stared back unfailingly. Usually, others would have looked away by now, unnerved by his unnatural stare.

His impression of her was growing by the minute.

“You’re the first from another world that’s been on Genkai’s grounds, I would have sensed it otherwise,” Kurama offered. “Whether another has been here or not...I cannot exactly say.”

Sephiroth gave a curt nod of understanding. He itched to spar with his puppet, the only one who could ever truly hold up against him in a fight. He could feel the battlelust rise in his belly, much like a very different kind of lust.

Without another word, he disappeared with a sound not unlike the very fabric of time ripping. Very suddenly, he was somewhere very far away staring down at the city, sensing for his puppet. Perhaps it would be best if he simply waited at the Colosseum for him? But no, this city was too interesting to leave yet. The blue-haired girl and her red-haired protector were far too amusing.
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