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Title: Bureaucratism
Fandom: FFVII
Warnings: Dub-con, threesome (M/F/M)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Genesis/Scarlet/Sephiroth
Summary: Scarlet squirms her way into getting two Generals to sweeten the deal, for whom, failure is not an option.
Note: I wrote this for the FFVII kink meme, but I don’t mind loosing anonymity, so I’m posting it here too. Prompt was: Genesis/Scarlet/Sephiroth dub-con, with Sephiroth feeling victimised.
I love Scarlet. I really do.




Genesis was in fine form tonight, hand sliding up the bared portion of Scarlet's leg and hitching her dress up further, rumpling the fine material until he could twist his wrist to feel between her legs. He moaned into her mouth as Scarlet's breath hitched, and a soft chuckle passed Genesis' lips as he pulled his head back slightly. "Ah, I'd always wondered if the lack of a panty line was because of a G-string or or the fact that you're just wearing nothing at all under there."

Sephiroth thought about this with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm. Her breasts were far too perky to be real, and yet, he'd never seen the material of a bra strap. Nipples were also visible through certain materials and Scarlet seemed to like wearing the thin, flowing kind. Possibly so that the material could swish between her legs as she walked, instead of bouncing about like cardboard. Nipples were easy to see through that kind of material. Especially on cold days. He gingerly ran his hands over Scarlet's ass, gripping, kneading.

She gave a throaty laugh, bucking into Genesis' fingers and wrapping a leg around him.There was a beat where Sephiroth was at a loss for what to do with his hands. Nipping at Gensis' lips, she seemed to consider a reply for a moment. "Naughty boy, do you have these thoughts often?"

Genesis may have been a whore for anyone, but were Sephiroth in Genesis' position, and had he just been called a 'naughty boy', consequences be damned, he would have thrown the woman out of the nearest window. Genesis, however, shivered a little. If there was annoyance, he hid it very well.

Genesis leaned forward to kiss her again, keeping his eyes open, and gave a little glare at Sephiroth. Taking the hint, Sephiroth reluctantly dipped his head and ran his lips up her neck, his tongue peaking out between parted lips to taste her skin, to tease sensitive areas. He tried to distract her as best he could, keeping himself up against her while hiding the fact that little in this situation aroused him. Other than the hand that snuck around to grip his own ass through his leathers. Genesis' hand. Mmm.

If he closed his eyes, pretended it wasn't Scarlet's body beneath his fingers as he dragged them up from her ass to her waist, then stomach and finally to her breasts, he might have been able to enjoy it somewhat. If he concentrated on Genesis' kneading hand, ignored the feminine moans along with the masculine, as he hooked his fingers inside Scarlet's dress and pulled it down to free her breasts, which he cupped with warm, calloused hands, it wouldn't feel like he was being forced into this. Because that was ridiculous.

He'd have words with Lezard about it later, because the man must have known what Scarlet would propose in return for the negotiations on the price of the new types of ammo that were being propositioned for all of Shinra's combatant personnel. She was a well known vulture. Lezard's suspicious timing of a holiday, the orders to seal this deal before he returned, the demand of no higher than set figure, the well known fact that Scarlet was the biggest objectifier out of all of the executives; it all pointed towards the fact that Lezard had thrown Sephiroth (and Genesis) to the hounds. Or hound, as it were.

It had been a good idea to bring Genesis along, because Sephiroth, while male, was not gifted with a magical cock that could get hard even when presented with an extremely likeable female form. He wasn't even straight. Well, he didn't think so. His contact with woman was limited, at least. Males he knew, understood.

Still, Genesis was doing him a favour, whispering to Scarlet and threading his hands through her hair, so that when her hair spilled down over her shoulders, Sephiroth could almost pretend it was someone else's nipples be was toying with. And later, that it was someone else's ass he was fucking, while he could feel Genesis inside her too. He could pretend it was just he and Genesis. Genesis who was too passionate, too jealous and reckless. Genesis who wanted everything Sephiroth was.

Genesis gripping him tight and howling with their second orgasm while the rhythm of their bodies only changed to take advantage of that tight heat. Genesis who screamed his name, who moaned and said that he felt so wrong--dirty--but, oh, that was so good.

He groaned, clawed at the desk he was pressed against with one hand, gripped a silken thigh with the other. Scarlet, held between he and Genesis, caught between them like a usable toy (one he would be glad to be rid of), cried out again, sounding weak but oh so pleased. She’d never been fucked by a SOLDIER, and lucky for her, she’d scored the big time with the two Generals, hadn’t she?

Sephiroth tipped his head back, let his moans flow from his throat easily. He was too far gone to care if they sounded as helpless as pleasured, or how that only seemed to excite Scarlet all the more. His balls tightened and liquid fire shot through his veins as his orgasm crouched and prepared to strike.

Sephiroth came, his eyes flying wide, hips jerking, breath caught in his throat. Unlike the other orgasms he'd had, this time, despite his desperate clinging on to fantasies, it felt hollow. And yes, dirty. Genesis came soon after, and they all caught their breath, Scarlet exhausted and the two General’s panting but hardly feeling as if they could simply drift off into a pleasant sleep at any moment.

When it was possible, he pulled out and dressed quickly, efficiently. He was sure there was some law against all this, some sort of internal company rule that was capable of getting someone fired (and that would be Scarlet, really, because Hojo would never allow Sephiroth to be free, would he?) but Shinra wasn't the kind of place you wanted to start aiming fingers and screaming--screaming--what? Rape? It wasn't rape. One, he'd fucked her (in his mind, that qualified as his consent). Two, he'd gotten something out of it--well Lezard had, the troopers under Sephiroth’s command had, Genesis would be able to internally gloat about finally finding some he was better at than Sephiroth. And three...maybe Zack wouldn't bitch so much about him needing to 'get laid’.

Still, somehow, he could help but feel bitter a few weeks later as he reported to Director Lezard upon his return. Nothing would be said on it. Genesis kept his lips shut about it, and Sephiroth...Sephiroth refused to speak of it again, of how...cheated he felt, because in a way that was a weakness, wasn’t it?

And General Sephiroth was not weak. If he was given orders, then he completed them. No matter how difficult the path.


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