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Title: Seeking Heat
Pairing: YoukoxKuronue (Youko 18, Kuronue 17)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blowjob, one-shot, High school AU. (legal) teensex0rs. Seems to be more smut than pronz. Kuro-centric-ish.
Summery: It wasn’t the most typical of first dates, if it could even be called that.
Notes: I need to get my AU on. It feels neglected.

Seeking Heat
He’d heard of him. Really you couldn’t not. He was in most of his classes, and well, it was high school. Everyone knew everyone by reputation, and not personally. Unless of course you knew them.
But being neighbors with Youko didn’t mean he knew him.
Just that he knew of him.
And so far he didn’t like what he’d heard.
Sure, Kuronue considered himself a little rough around the edges. He didn’t clean his room, he smoked, drank, didn’t exactly have a job, and was rarely nice to anyone unless he figured they’d earned it.
But Youko was just a whore.
And a fucking thief.
All his life, Youko had either been in his class, or at the same school. Even when he switched high schools when he insulted a teacher he still managed to wind up in the same school as him. They didn’t talk or anything, or even acknowledge each others existence, but he supposed that Youko had an eye on him too.
When you find yourself in the act of being a teenage badass, things have to be done secretly. Or maybe Kuronue just thought too much.
He didn’t know.
Perhaps he did.
But it was beside the point.
… And he was doing the ‘thinking too much’ thing again.
Air, air is good.
With this in mind he left his room and, sneaking through his own house, pulled open his front door and then pushed the worthless flyscreen door and stepped out onto his veranda. Pulling the sleeves of his dark hoodie down to hide his fingers, and biting his lip, he took a few steps forward, and placed himself on the second wooden step he’d constructed last week for his mother. The old bat was getting…well, old. He hated her most of the time, and sometimes it felt like it was mutual, yet he’d been suddenly overcome with an urge to help make her life a little easier.
She was a single mum after all, and worked a lot to keep him in school, to get an education of some sort. She couldn’t read, and so whenever his school results came back, Kuronue just lied and said that it was a good mark. He didn’t have any other relatives for his mum to check with if he was telling the truth or not. And she had no friends.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out his pack of cigarettes, glancing over his shoulder once at the wooden framed house, and the peeling paint, the broken glass windows, then turned back to the merciful nicotine in his hands and slid a stick out, along with his lighter. It was a cold night, and yet warm, perfectly comfortably in the fact that he could wear his dark cargos and hoodie without having to worry about being hot or anything.
He could hear the hoons out, racing their cars a long the streets, and the thump of music from the party down the street. He thought of wondering down there, to see if he could maybe find someone to er…spend the night with, however his tastes where mostly unappreciated in this part of town.
And he had a reputation to keep.
To put it bluntly: Kuronue fucked men.
The women where outraged by this (when they found out.)
Though he couldn’t deny himself the snicker that crept up on him. Nah, nah, you can’t catch me.
He cleared his throat and lit his cigarette, tucking the packet and lighter back into one of his many pockets once he was finished, and sprawled his legs out before him, letting this cigarette hand from his lips. Luckily there was no wind, so the smoke didn’t make his eyes water or anything, and so he was happy to just sit and stare blankly at his dead lawn and skeletal metal fence, devoid of its chain link skin.
Until a pair of boots invaded his vision.
Mildly irritated at being disturbed when he was trying his best not to think, he slid his eyes up, and scowled soon after. Wearing something that looked like it belonged on a girl, meaning dark jeans that so tight that they were probably his sisters, and a shirt that seemed like half of it was missing, his neighbor stared at him with a simple blank look.
Peroxide hair and colored contacts seemed to glare at him, lit by the waxing moon.
He forced himself to not chew on his cigarette. “What do you want?”
The head tilted to the side slightly. “What are you doing here?”
“I live here.” Don’t tell me that he honestly hadn’t realized, after goddamned nearly seventeen years that this was where he lived.
Dark eyebrows rose. “Oh?”
Kuronue leaned forward and pulled the cigarette from his mouth, then gestured at Youko angrily with it. “What are you doing on my lawn?”
It was dark, but he could tell that the yellow eyes were trailing after the glowing beacon of his lit cigarette, or at least until he looked down at his feet and rocked back on his heels. “I don’t see any lawn.”
“Har har har.” He drawled sarcastically.
“Kuronue? What are you doing outside?” came a weak voice from inside, and he scowled.
“Talking Ma! Go to sleep or something!” He shouted back, then turned back and paused, blinking up at the suddenly closer Youko. He could have reached out and touched him if he wanted, or poked him in the leg because as it was he seemed to be a crotch level with Makai High’s resident slut.
“Talking to who?”
“None of your fucking business!”
He raised an eyebrow and looked up. “Do you practice sneaking around?”
Youko smirked down at him. “I’m a natural.”
Innuendo detected, interest: zero. Dilemma at hand. “Yeah, I’ll bet.”
Youko proceeded place himself beside Kuronue on the top step, stealing the cigarette from between his fingers. Kuronue watched, mildly irritated, as he took a drag and crushed what was left of the cigarette beneath one of his heavy boots and blew the smoke skyward.
Kuronue’s eye twitched.
Youko turned his head to face him and let loose a seductive smirk, leaning back on his hands and pitching his head forward. “I like you Kuronue, you seem deep.”
“You don’t like me; you like dick. I’m not stupid.” Deep? What the fuck?
Youko clicked his tongue and looked up to the sky, saying nothing.
…the whole purpose of coming outside, was to not think. What was he doing right now? Fucking thinking overtime. Why the hell, was Youko here, beside him, on his veranda, pinning him down.
That was a new development.
He glared up at him, suddenly on his back, Youko above him, grinning down at him, with his legs either side of Kuronue’s hips. “What are you doing?” he asked, although not harshly or pissed off, perhaps slightly amused. But then again, Kuronue was bored and thinking too much. He tended to run himself in circles a lot this way, it made him confused.
Then lips where on his and… uh…
“Ahhn…what-” he struggled to talk, but hands covered his own and a masterful tongue engaged with his own, swirling inside and engulfing him. Kuronue lost all conscious thought, and returned the kiss enthusiastically, his eyes sliding closed.
“I don’t know what I’m doing,” he replied, between kisses, sucking in air greedily, “so just shut up and go with it.”
…can’t complain with that.
But he was kissing in public. In possible view of his mum.
Why that that arousing?
He tried to sit up and push Youko away, only to be shoved back down, and have his hair pulled, which he winced at, and then forced to endure Youko licking, sucking and biting his way down his neck. “Hnnnn…Ma could see…”
Oh shit, oh shit. Youko’s hand was rubbing at his cock through his cargos. “I-…I don’t know you.”
“But I know you.”
Then his eyes widened and he looked down at Youko as he heard the sound of his belt being undone. “No. No, no, no…”
“Yes, yes, yes.”
And then his head dipped down, and heat consumed him. Wet, sliding, perfect heat. Powerless, he did nothing to stop Youko, not that he wanted to exactly at this point, but he still wanted to move somewhere other than in plain view of anyone who chose to drive and/or walk by at that moment.
He let his head fall back, and rested against the veranda, as he panted, and furrowed his brow, his mouth falling open at the hot suction, fingers twisting themselves in Youko’s hair. “Shhhit…ah…”
What the hell was he doing? He was getting head on his front veranda!
Then a finger slid back further, and his eyes flew open. “No, fuck no. Not here. Somewhere else if you want to do that, just noooo-fuck….mmmm…”
But the finger slid away, and began to caress his balls instead.
Okay so, he’d fucked a few times. Nothing too serious. But fucking hell Youko certainly knew what he was doing. Not like the others. No, definitely not like the others.
It wasn’t long before he came, his back arching slightly and his head pressing down against the hard wood of the veranda. His world seemed to be washed away, taken over, and swallowed. He slumped against the veranda once his senses returned to him, and tried to catch his breath, ignoring Youko as he slid away to sit beside him again.
What the fuck…
He sat up and, after zipping his cargos back up and doing the belt up again, thumped Youko on his arm, and glared at him. “What the hell was that? What do you mean, ‘you know me’?”
He shrugged. “I haven’t spoken to you, but we’re around each other so much it seems pointless for the both of us to not make the most of it.”
Kuronue blinked. “…Are you- did you just ask…”
Youko turned to face him and scowled, pushing himself up to stand, towering over Kuronue. “Don’t read too far into it, Kuronue.”
Yeah… thinking too much.
Youko extended a hand, at which Kuronue stared at. “What?” he said, blankly.
Youko narrowed his eyes at him. “Come with me.”
Raising his eyebrows he asked, “Where?”
Youko inclined his head towards his house along with looking at it pointedly for a split second, and then returned his gaze back to Kuronue.
“You promised somewhere else.”
“…Buhht… I never said-”
“Yes, you did.” Without another word, Youko reached down, fisted his hands in Kuronues thick hoodie, and tugged him up. Then pressed their bodies close together. Close enough for Youko to wrap his arms around Kuronue’s neck and grind his hips into Kuronue’s, allowing him to feel the hardness of his cock down there.
“Are you understanding me?” He asked, digging his fingers into Kuronue’s scalp, disregarding the hastily tied ponytail.
“Ah, yeah… I am.” He drawled carefully, then allowed himself to be pulled, barefoot, across his dead lawn, down the footpath for all of a few steps and then up the driveway of the house next door which seemed to be in a worse condition than his own.
Led by Youko’s hand in his own, he felt like clueless child, even more so when he was faced with a female version of Youko he’d never seen before, as soon as they walked in Youko’s front door. “Who is this?” she asked, looking like a dragon about to breathe fire.
“Neighbor.” Youko replied before Kuronue could say anything, and began walking, tugging Kuronue along with him, almost pulling his arm out of it socket in doing so.
Youko’s house wasn’t dirty or anything, there was a lot of boxes and useless looking trinkets in all sorts of weird places, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. It looked liked most of the windows were in tact, which had to be the biggest plus, and next to that was the little portable heater Kuronue spotted at the end of Youko’s bed, which was actually just a mattress and a whole bunch of rugs.
Plus one for Youko. He had a heater. Nice.
Kuronue didn’t have one, or a fan. The electricity was too high for his mother to afford and Kuronue himself couldn’t hold down a job to help pay for it. He got bored doing mundane things, like working at supermarkets and whatever. He babysitted sometimes, but it was too awkward for him to want to peruse. It seemed weird for males to baby-sit children not related to them these days. And it went beyond the whole females being the ‘nurturing’ type. (They had obviously never met his mum.)
But anyway, Youko’s room.
Messy, but he hadn’t been expecting anything clean anyway. It wasn’t like he had a chance to view it properly anyway though before the door was closed and locked behind him, and then he found himself plummeting to the earth.
He fell on the mattress, where Youko climbed up over him, his hands skimming along his sides and delving under his shirt and hoodie as he worked his way up slowly. Kuronue lifted himself up as Youko pulled his clothes from him, his top half anyway. He had to stop Youko once he began to undo his belt again, shirtless himself too.
Lying on his back, facing Youko, his tresses free and flowing around him, eyes darkened with eyeliner Kuronue reached down and wrapped his hand around Youko’s wrist. “That’s it? You just suddenly realized that it would be good for us to fuck?”
Irritated at being delayed, yet again, Youko sat back on his heels and glared down at Kuronue. “I told you before I didn’t now what I was doing.”
“But there was to be some reason that you’re suddenly jumping me, what do you want?”
“I want to fuck you, and to keep fucking you.” He said seriously, tilted his head and furrowing his brow pointedly.
“Besides that.”
“There is no ‘besides that’.”
They stared at each other. Seemingly opposites, one light one dark, although it seemed like it should have been the other way around. The wicked ‘seductress’ and the innocent, soon to be tainted. Masquerading as each other.
“Shut up, Kuronue.” Youko eventually said, leaning forward and placing his hands either side of Kuronue on the mattress as he leaned forward, pushing him down with the weight of his body until their lips were joined.
He supposed it was about time he tried out the saying: ‘go with the flow’ or something.
So he kissed back.
The End

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