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Title: Autumn
Warnings: A little gore, some bondage, head, anal.
Pairings: You know, half the time I don’t even bother putting this here because, chances are, its going to be Youko and Kuronue more often than not. KuronuexYouko.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Surrounded by the death of the earth itself, Youko intends to take it out of whomever comes across his path.
Notes: For [profile] nytekit


The insolence of demons seemed to be infectious, spreading across the land like wildfire, and taking the mind of those few demons, smart and noble enough even know what the title of demon really meant. The skittering filth and vermin had no business with him, no matter how great they thought themselves to be. And they certainly did not have the privilege to ask to keep his bed warm in less than savoury terms.

They disgusted him into rages where all he could think about was taking as many of them out as possible. They were not true demons, they were less than so and they had insulted him.

An unsuspecting town, quiet in the mornings chill, with no fires burning, but definite movement going on inside the straw huts and other cheaply constructed houses. It seemed almost innocent, in its silent unawareness. As far as he could tell a town for the less than skilled kind, that suited him just fine.

He raised his hand towards the canopy above him, leaves of old and new above him cried out in return, waiting his instructions, felt the underground network of roots through the extension of his yoki, and before they could react to the sudden presence of his malicious yoki, the roots shot up from the ground and blocked off all exits. Great winding towers encircled the huts, the unseen feet of the trees severed from their once present bodies exacting their revenge. Like this it was possible for him to pull a blade of grass from underfoot, and straightening, he stalked from hut to hut, listening to their frantic cries and watched their filthy little mouths beg for mercy and ask him of what crime they had committed to anger him so when he dragged them, one by one, from their huts.

They had simply existed, their existence insulted Youko. Their existence and the existence of all others who dared care for him wrongly. Misplaced reverence and foolishness -- the assumptions that he, Youko Kurama, existed for them -- was their crime.

He’d slit their throats and thrown them aside, moving onto the next weakling unable to fight against him, struggling against him before his blade of grass slid over their skin, like butter, and opened them up, bleeding them dry. Going limp against him, falling away. By the time he’d slaughtered half of the village, he’d become bored and released some into the surrounding forests. They’d all begun to sprint off in different directions until they realised he’d kept quite a few with him, and still went, from hut to hut, smudging out their existence. They crept back, although one or two had kept running (they were the kind he’d allow to live, for they were true demons indeed, bonds meant nothing here, they were only temporary, they would be destroyed eventually. The strong ones knew this.)

Then Kuronue descended upon him, stepping over the corpses of young and old, carelessly strewn about. His expression hidden behind his mask of steel, the mask he always wore when encountering situations he was not sure of. A mere blur of darkness in the corner of his eye, Youko placed his foot on the chest of the woman below him and pushed her away with his foot as he pulled his blade from her chest. Its exit signalled with a sickly wet sound, and bone cracking beneath his foot as he kicked her corpse away.

He didn’t acknowledge Kuronue as he straightened, and sighed, his eyes skimming the edge of the forest, were the demons that hadn’t abandoned their loved ones feared for those inside the huts left untouched, and mourned for those whose blood coated Youko’s visage as much as it leaked into the earth. Giving back what sustenance had been taken from it. He was getting revenge for the earth this way too, see? It was justified in many ways.

He heard Kuronue take a breath, preparing to speak. “A whole village, Kurama?”

Youko snorted in contempt and flicked the blood from his blade of grass, returning it to a simple, helpless, single strand of what was once a network that spanned over half of the forest’s floor. He turned, and faced him. Eyes narrow, jaw tight, knowing that Kuronue didn’t approve just from the simple tone of voice he’d used.

Kuronue walked on thin lines too, of course he was considerably better than some demons, but his morals seemed to be inline with that of humans sometimes. It made him weak, despite his happily destroying whomever be stupid enough to hinder either of them in their quests (whatever they may be), he expressed reservation in taking out people who were ‘on a another path’ and that had nothing to do with their life.

Must have been a bat thing.

“Something wrong?” He asked, testing the waters. Kuronue’s pros where far greater than his cons, he did not want to loose such a valuable partner unless it was inevitable and there was no other way.

Kuronue’s eyes drifted, his lips drawn into a thin line, his shoulders tensed. He did not approve. The only thing he lacked was the words to tell him so. Youko could see it in his eyes, and in his stance.
It ignited fury inside him.

Why should he be perfect in every single way, and then stumble upon this one fault. Kuronue had passed every other hurdle Youko had thrown at him, why could he not get over this one?

“I could ask you the same thing.” Kuronue threw back without missing a beat, his words sharp. Narrowing his eyes he began to advance further forward, kicking the corpses out of the way now instead of stepping over them.

One of the weaker demons watching broke through the threshold of the forest, probably insulted by Kuronue’s mistreating the corpses, and there was a scuffle as they raced towards him, held back by another until they broke away. They didn’t get far. Youko watched as Kuronue pulled his sickle from his belt and threw it at the demon before yanking on the string to bring it back to him, the corpse feel to the earth, and Kuronue, undeterred, kept advancing.

Youko raised his eyebrows pointedly.

“What’s your reason, Kurama? These are the people that make our jewels and finery; these are the people we need to continue on as we do. Some deserve to be spared. Although, those who dare attack us are as good as dead from the beginning.” Kuronue defended, flicking the blood from his sickle and wrapping the synthetic length of the cord around his wrist, then pulling it tight.

“Do you intend to stop me by force, Kuronue?” Youko demanded, raising his chin and clenching his fists. Politics had nothing to do with him. The earth was his only deity, his only ruler, and he would not bend to any other demons will, not even Kuronue’s.

Kuronue nodded, his head lowering for a moment in resignation, then steeled himself and became a blur.
Youko glared at him before he responded to the first attack instinctively, pushing himself away from Kuronue and ducking under the line of the sickles path. By the time Kuronue had landed a few hard blows, and rest assured, Youko gave as good as he got, he’d figured out that Kuronue’s goal was to drive him out of the clearing, away from the petty little village, littered with corpses.

Youko hated Kuronue’s wings sometimes. They made him fast, and gave him the air to use as his battlefield too. Though Youko had the earth on his side, there was simply too much untouched space to catch someone as fast and vicious as Kuronue. Not even the adrenaline coursing through him could help his reflexes to speed up enough to combat with Kuronue when he took to the open air, and forced him into corners with blow after relentless blow. Continuing until he either made a mistake or faltered.

It happened eventually, much to Youko’s disdain. Forced to remain defensive the only thing Youko could do was block the blows, which meant he was driven further and further back in whatever direction Kuronue pleased. Then, when they were well into the forest, and away from the village, his knee faulted, and he slipped a little, cursing.

This small alteration to his defence was the break Kuronue had been waiting for, and with a smirk, he sent out his sickles, having them wrap around his limbs, his arms and his legs, and then to have them imbed themselves in the trees opposite. It was, really, master wirework, and the calculations needed to do so looked to be complicated (one of the reasons Youko had initially picked Kuronue out from the crowd. This demon had skill.)

But this would not do. Kuronue was tethering him, holding him captive in his synthetic rope, rope which he knew sucked all yoki other than Kuronue’s own if it was attempted to be used while it was wrapped around something. An unconventional ward. Its existence was only known the Kuronue and himself, to stop from having it used against them, they’d agreed to keep it a secret as best they could.

He pulled against the wires, but they held him immobile, threatening to bite into his skin if he placed too much pressure on them. He felt like a fly, caught in a spider demons trap, soon to be devoured.
“Release me.” He growled, furious at Kuronue for thinking he could get away with something like this. It was none of his business why he killed, his reasons were just.

“Funny how when you are placed in a position that you have placed me in many times, the first thing you do is demand to be released.” Kuronue snapped, imbedding the last of his sickles deep within a tree trunk near by, a deep scowl on his face.

Youko’s reaction was to struggle fiercely - uselessly - against the wires. “Bastard. I’ll kill you too.”
“You’ll kill yourself if you don’t stop struggling,” warned the other demon, making his way towards him, his expression now smooth and his eyes warmer.

The youko laughed in reply, then hung limply, looking something like a marionette with disorganized strings, the lines coming from every direction, holding his hands up by his head and his legs slightly parted. One of his ears twitched, listening to Kuronue’s approach as his head hung, and his arms continued to pull at the rope-like wire.

“What can I do to calm you down, Kurama?” he mumbled, eyes tracing the muscles straining in Youko’s arm before reaching out and brushing his fingers against his skin. He frowned, then closing his eyes a little, reached up and pulled his hat from his head, letting it drop to the ground.

Youko didn’t have to say anything to that, the reaction was immediate. His hands unclenched for a second, and his body paused in it’s efforts, but then his hands curled into fists and his ears swivelled back against his head, which still hung, facing the ground and his long tresses hiding his face.

“If you continue like this you’ll hurt yourself as well as others, you’re on a self destructive path with no great reason to be so furious,” Kuronue spoke, more to himself than the demon held captive before him.

The only reply was the sudden jerk of Youko’s shoulder, pulling his whole body with him, pulling the wires tighter around him, digging into his skin further. “Release me,” he snarled. Eyes turning into furious molten gold, piercing right through him as he glare at him through his hair. He truly looked like the evil spirit he was, sharp teeth bared and shivers of fury running through him. A caged fox.

The wires groaned in effort and just like that, an idea seemed to com to Kuronue’s mind.

He took a step closer, meeting Youko glare for glare, used his free hand to force Youko’s head up properly, and covered his lips with his own, forcing his way into the youko’s mouth.

Still he struggled, but, Kuronue forced him to endure the kiss, holding his jaw open with a thumb at his chin. He would not be struggling for long. Massaging his scalp with his hand, Kuronue ventured past Youko’s lips, trying his best to keep from being bitten, and to not be forced out of Youko’s mouth.

Furrowing his brow, Kuronue slipped the hand purchased in Youko’s hair up and began tracing his ears, rubbing at the skin grafting ear to scalp firmly. Immediately, Youko melted against him, and his struggles ceased, becoming a limp doll against him.

Youko’s breath hitched, and he leaned into the touch instinctively, eyes closing. It would only be a temporary thing, Youko’s mindlessness. As soon as Kurama stopped in his ministrations, Youko would be even angrier than before.

He couldn’t bring himself to care.

Filled with a new light, he leant forward again, licking along the demons lips, and devouring him, which he returned feverishly, distractedly, pulling at the wire restraints for a different reason now.
He was covered in the blood of his victims, tainted with them, and his face smeared with crimson, twisted into an expression of pleasure, almost peaceful. It was an artificial calm, not the kind Kuronue wanted, he wanted to distract him fully, to have him forget.

Youko gasped for breath when Kuronue released his lips, and opened his eyes to his arms held above him, bent at the elbows. The fingers at his ear slipped away, and went further down. A little dazed, it was when Kuronue began to pull at his sash that his eyes widened, and the indignation of it all returned to him.
“What are you doing?” He hissed, vision moving from his hands above him to the demon before him, pulling still, untying.

“Stop complaining or I’ll leave you to hang here for a while,” Kuronue growled in return, finally pulling Youko’s sash free with a hiss of fabric, bending down to pull his tunic and his pant’s from him, lastly his shoes.

“Stop!” Youko snarled when Kuronue returned, burying his face in Youko’s neck and pressing his clothed body against Youko’s naked one, running his hands over the muscle encased in silk-like skin, following its perfect contours.

Though irritated, Youko shivered under the touch, which sent tingling sensations across his skin, and Kuronue’s hot breath against his neck gave him shivers. He panted, and angled his neck back, and away from Kuronue, allowing him access, despite his clenched teeth and straining arms. The bastard was trying to distract him.

Kuronue’s tongue, tracing against his skin, sent wonderful little tingles right through him, and ended up in his cock. He tried to hold back the moans that forced their way to his throat, tried to stop his panting breaths, the way he leaned into Kuronue’s touch as he ran his hands down his back, dragging his nails lightly. Then as he gripped his ass, and slipped a finger downwards.

“Ahh… Ku- …” Half completed words slipped from his mouth, unbid as Kuronue’s hand found his hard cock, and his breath hitched as he began to trace its length. Pressing against him with his thumb until Youko was biting his lip and tossing his head back, eyes wide, shuddering.

He was being cheated out of his righteous fury, he knew he was, and he found himself not caring at the moment, because Kuronue’s touch was more important than some feeble demon’s insults. Who was he to deny pleasure when it was offered to him? He only wished he would be unrestrained, he didn’t exactly like being taken over like this, however he had to admit it was certainly interesting.

But still, Kuronue was tricking him out of his kill.

“Why aren’t you making any sounds Kurama? Scream. I want to hear it.” He whispered against his ear, the deep and sexy words sent a bolt of need right through him, his throat seemed to agree.

Kuronue smirked at him, his eyes half lidded, hair falling into them, then slipped down to his knees. Youko glared at him, wincing with pleasure when Kuronue licked the head of his cock and drew it into his mouth, his hot mouth sucking on him deliciously.

Youko couldn’t think, he could only stare down and clench his jaw in fear of words escaping.

Then he was biting back screams, not wanting to give into the pleasure, as Kuronue took him all in, all of him, and sucked him hard. It drove him wild, it made him insane, made him curse the wire snaking around his limbs, digging into his skin and restricting his movement. Like this he could only gasp, and try not to moan, then to hold his breath and bolt his eyes closed when one of Kuronue’s hands drifted up to rub a thumb across his nipple sending another spike of lust through him. He wanted more than this pleasure, more deep sensations, all consuming and unwavering desire, the rich taste of ecstasy undiluted.

Simply put he wanted to cum, he wanted to be fucked. He wanted Kuronue to ram his cock so deep into his ass he’d see stars, and curse the gods one by one. Oh, that would be wonderful. Yes, he was lost now, he couldn’t go back if he wanted too. Not with Kuronue’s hot lips around his cock, so wonderfully bringing him to the edge of sanity, the plateau just before he’d fall into something wonderful. Building and building inside him, quickly now, quicker.

He cried out, and tried to voice his state, give warning, but Kuronue didn’t acknowledge him at all, and only kept on as he was, pushing him harder and faster towards the edge.

Then he did scream, and jerk about, his head falling, eyes closing, his body tensing for a moment before completely letting go; he came.

He slid his eyes open soon after, too calm to consider feeling rightfully angry now, but still the memory was there. He cursed the man before him. “Asshole.”

Kuronue chuckled and stood, his hair free, probably because he knew Youko liked it that way, instead of tied back all the time. He had all that beautiful hair and he kept most of it hidden away. Such a thing should have been a crime.

Kuronue pressed their chests together, standing so close to him, and pressed to fingers against Youko’s lips. “Just a little more Kurama, I’m so hard and you are so wonderfully erotic when you cum.”

He was right, Kuronue was hard, Youko could feel the evidence against him, and see it in his dilated eyes. But Youko pulled his head away and pulled at the wires once more, refusing to believe that their restraint was absolute.

Kuronue pulled his tail, and he yelped, turning to glare at him viciously. “Don’t you dare do that again.”
The demon’s fingers mussed the hair of his tail, feeling the bones underneath, and Kuronue sent him an evil little smile, his fingers returning to press at his lips again, words returning to his ear as he leant forward. “Please, I could fuck you so hard like this.”

There was silence for a long while, and when Youko finally when to say something, the fingers slipped into his mouth. He growled around them, but the fingers pressed harder against the base of his tail, and it send unpleasant bolts of pain through him, forcing him to flinch instinctively.

“Don’t spite yourself, Kurama.” He murmured, licking at Youko’s jaw.

Thankfully the hand at his tail had receded, and instead gripped at his ass, kneading and pressing, sending shivers though Youko. He gave in, and tried his best to coat Kuronue’s fingers with his saliva, sending Kuronue an irritated look when he withdrew the fingers from his lips, and replaced them with his own lips, keeping Youko silent as his hand fell down.

With his eyes sliding closed, he almost groaned in relief when the wires holding his legs still were released, though how he didn’t quite know, he was too distracted with Kuronue’s evil tongue as it slid along his lips and his teeth pulled at him, how he sucked on his tongue as well as he sucked on his cock.

His legs were pulled up and wrapped around Kuronue’s clothed hips, the fingers slid down and pressed at his entrance, teasing him.

He pulled away from Kuronue, panting as he stared up at his bound hands with half-lidded eyes and bruised lips. “Do it,” he demanded, “do it, fuck me, fuck me.”

Kuronue smiled to himself and ran his teeth down the youko’s neck none too gently. Well, he was distracted now. No longer filled with the deep rage, and he, Kuronue, was in charge. It was sweet.

He slipped a finger inside, only when Youko began to swear at him, otherwise ignoring his demands. He was going to do this at his own pace, not Youko’s. If Youko still had half a mind left, he’d have this over as quickly as possible while still retaining his head, and he’d strike Kuronue down while he continued slaughtering the village and whoever else came along. The season of dying in the human world, had strange effects on Youko, which was what Kuronue believed to send him into these states of barely restrained fury. Who knew what went through the demon’s head when everything beloved began to die, year after year, even if it was in another world.

“Nnnn… More Kuronue, more, come on. I can handle it, you know I can. I’m not fragile like those- Aahh! Yes! Do that again… come on, come on… Kuronue. I want you to fuck me, forget this, I don’t need it… now, now…”

Youko could produce a surprising amount of filth when he had nothing else but his voice to urge Kuronue on, the never ending stream went right to Kuronue’s cock. He wanted to shut him up though, because he was beginning to think that maybe he should just throw everything out the window, damn the consequences, and fuck Youko so hard he forgot his name.

But he didn’t, he slipped another finger inside the gluttonous fox, who begged and whined and gasped and moaned against him, pulling at his restraints and throwing his head back. Kuronue, though aroused almost beyond control, stroked the walls of his passage, locating the one spot that would send him completely mindless once again, and pressed down, stoking him deliberately, unrelentingly.

The reaction was immediate, where Youko had growled and threatened he now screamed and begged desperately, his chest heaving and the legs he held wrapped around Kuronue’s hips trying to pull him closer, cursing Kuronue’s still clothed form. His hair followed like silken strands of water as he turned his head from side to side and fought against his restraints, face flushed, lips so bruised and swollen.

He was torturing him like this, because it wasn’t enough and Youko begged and swore to be fucked properly, to have Kuronue’s hard cock inside him, and to come so hard he couldn’t see, nor feel or care for anything other than his own selfish pleasure. His control snapped as Youko contorted with a mindless convulsion, no longer even able to scream as his fingers continued their relentless assault.

Moving away a little, with effort, Youko moaned complaints when his fingers left him, but silenced himself when he noticed Kuronue undoing his pants, and releasing his hard cock. He bit his lip when the head of his cock was pressed against him, his legs pulling Kuronue closer. Urging him on, begging and pleading, demanding, pulling at the wires.

Then he was screaming as Kuronue thrust into him, and held him up with his hands at his thighs, his lips tracing the youko’s neck, and teeth following soon after, panting and grunting with effort. Youko was so beautiful when caught, caged and fucked. So irresistibly, and absolutely demanding.

There was no trace whatsoever of death in his mind as Kuronue fucked him, filling him and stretching him further still, hitting that perfect little spot twice as hard as his fingers did with his thrusts. There was a certain… erotic touch to the way he couldn’t move his hands at all, he could only scream with pleasure and endure the undulations.

Things escalated perhaps a little too quickly, but Kuronue was too far gone, as was Youko, to care. It was perfect and swept away all thoughts, replacing them with visions of Youko screaming in ecstasy.

Too fast, too fast, he was going to cum soon. It was spiralling out of control. Carefully he reached forward with one of his hands and wrapped his fingers around Youko’s cock, licked and nipped at one of his nipples happily. His screams turned into wails, and Kuronue grunted with effort, so utterly enjoying the fact that he’d done this to Youko. He’d made him forget completely.

Then everything came crashing down without warning. Youko tensed around him, sending Kuronue insane with pleasure, and then he was gone.

The came together, and almost immediately after, the wires seemed to all snap, and they fell to the forest floor. Writhing in the aftershock of orgasm, and stunned with the sudden movement, panting harshly, exhausted.

Youko, below the completely spent Kuronue, his energy drained from fucking while standing up for so long, stared up at the canopy of leaves above him, and listened to the sounds around him.

The feet shuffling away, those who’d watched them, the animals, the trees groaning, wind whispering. Kuronue sighing, and pulling from him with a grunt, placing himself on the ground beside him, allowing his eyes to close.

He found he didn’t feel all that insulted anymore, but, of course, now Kuronue would have to be dealt with. There was a new score to settle.
The End

The End


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