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Title: Façade
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: KuronuexYouko
Warnings: PWP. Bondage, rough-ish sex.
Notes: This is very PWP in the fact that it’s not connected to anything else I have written so far :3
My clock tells me it's the 31st. So, this is for [profile] mika_starlight Happy Birthday!



“It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order - and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order”

--Douglas Hostadter


Youko was incredibly good at fucking.

No. Not just good. He was better than that. He was a sex god. He must have been. There was no other explanation that could attribute to the intense attraction every demon felt -- male or female -- to the ethereal youko.

Everything with him seemed to be an invitation. A slight raise of his chin was as much of a challenge as well as a silent question, ‘would you have the guts to fuck me?’

The simple act of walking was a taunt, the lingering hands, the sinister smirk.

‘Fuck me. Fuck me. Come on. Try it.’

He’d heard stories of what happened to the demons that did not meet or exceed Youko Kurama’s expectations. They were rarely ever discarded of cleanly. They were a sign, a warning.

‘Not good enough. Come on. I want something worth my time.’

It was almost as if he saw demons as possessions too. Only they lived and breathed and screamed back when shattered. Hairline fractures could distort the best of beautiful things. He found small imperfections when others saw nothing. He punished with the wrath of an angered deity. Fucked with the wickedness and perfection of sex itself.

‘You’re up next.’

Liaisons in not quite hidden places, not caring if they were seen or unseen. The eager and the merely tolerating. If he became bored then the very ground beneath your feet would rise up and take you back under depths in righteous fury.

‘Not good enough.’

Maybe next time.

Maybe Kuronue.

Ha. Yeah. Maybe Kuronue.

He’d seek the youko out whenever he grew tired of life. He wouldn’t bother seeking him out now. He didn’t interest Kuronue, despite his beauty and charisma. A fuck was not worth losing his life over.

In retrospect it was this nonchalance that made Youko Kurama come to him.

The first words: “Entertain me.”

Kuronue had been minding his own business. Hadn’t thought of the other demon in months, maybe even years, lost in the rhythmic cleansing and polishing of his scythes. He’d looked up and the man had simply been there. The rising star. Making his dent on Makai at his own pace. The terrifying rising force. He was good, but he could be better. That being said, he was stronger than Kuronue was at the moment, and so he’d do well to handle this situation carefully.

He clenched his jaw and stood stiffly, glaring at the youko. Said demon stood with his arms crossed over his chest, ears perked forward, tail motionless, his lips parted slightly in a taunting little smirk, his eyes half-lidded and dangerous.

Some would have considered such an entrance worthy of death, invading the space of a demon was as good as insulting them to their face. But, then again, Youko Kurama did that for a living, didn’t he? He was considered one of the demons truly able to live freely, without a governing lord, free to forge his own path, his own laws.

But that did not mean that Kuronue would grant him any special favours.

Kuronue would have bristled a little if it had been in his nature. Do not back down now. Do not back down. He could taste the danger in the air.

Youko grimaced a little, disappointed. “Do I have to spell it out to you, bat?”

“I suppose you want what all your kind want.” He was flying by the seam of his pants. What the hell was he doing anyway? Shouldn’t he be declaring his lack of interest and walking away quickly?

Still, the little voice inside made him wonder if Youko would have let him walk away if he had tried.

Condescending. “And what would that be?”

Yes, Kuronue do tell. “Worship.”

It sounded better in his head.

Youko Kurama was laughing. Deep and melodic. Walking forward. Each step careful in its placement, wary of his own walking on sacred ground. Earth. It gave him a glide to his walk. An eerie saunter as he circled Kuronue once, coming to a pause before him, measuring him up. They were almost the same height. Curious.

“Will you worship me?” Innuendo so thick he could choke on it. He tilted his head to the side a little, running his eyes over the perfect features that made up Youko Kurama. The porcelain skin and rose tinted lips, piercing amber eyes.

He stood so close Kuronue was actually thinking about taking him up on his offer. He chuckled. “Why would I worship a god who fucks anything with legs?”

Oh, now that had annoyed him. The amused glaze in his eyes turned flat and lifeless, closed off. Dangerous. Cold. “You have a dirty little mouth.”

“And you’d like to see that I never use it again. I know. I have heard it all before.” He smirked at him. Secretly pleased at the youko’s response. After all, why should he not run him through his own hoops?

Youko Kurama had come to him.

A pale jaw clenched, a hand rose, the tips of fingers drifting along the brim off his hat. “You’re different.”

“Yes.” Well, what else could he have said?

“I want to fuck you.” Youko continued, without missing a beat. No shyness. Almost as if he were asking the location of the next tournament.

“I know.” He could see a trend in this.

Then Youko ducked forward, tilting his head and navigating his hat, to capture his lips. Kuronue, the stupid, dick for a brain demon he was, decided to throw caution to the wind. He’d think about the consequences once Youko decided he’d kill him.

He kissed Youko Kurama back. He didn’t fight or argue when he was pulled to the ground, beside the rock he’d sat on previously. Dirty trick that, kicking the back of his knee in so that he tumbled on top of Youko. Not that he argued, he was happy to continue on, allowing the youko to pick at the bindings on his shirt and pull his hat from his head.

He concentrated on Youko’s lips instead, forgetting the hands, forcing his tongue against Youko’s fighting for dominance. Such a hypocrite this fox was; asking people to fuck him and then becoming aggressive when that wish was granted. Perhaps that was all he wanted. A good fuck.

The spidery little fingers were becoming annoying now. He put an end to it, breaking contact with Youko’s lips for a second to wrap his hands around the youko’s wrists and force them up and out of the way, above his head. He resisted like he thought he would, but Kuronue was atop him and had the advantage for now. Besides, Youko would have killed him long ago if he had displeased him. And he definitely would have killed him already if he’d insulted him.

He returned to his lips, liking the little moan that escaped Youko’s throat when he came back with more vigor. Forcing himself on him, taking control of everything. Kuronue liked it a lot. Yes.

He’d like it better if they were fucking instead of just kissing. Releasing the youko’s now bruised lips, he sank down to his throat, feeling the first pleasurable little tingles of arousal snaking its way to his cock, as Youko’s knees rose, pressing against his hips, his back arching just a little as Kuronue dragged his canines over a particular little sensitive section of bare flesh at his neck. Soothing with his tongue afterwards, feeling giddy.

Clothes were an annoyance. Sometimes he wondered if they existed only to aggravate him. But no, this wasn’t too bad. Youko’s clothes were loose enough to gain access wherever he wanted with a little manipulation. He sunk down a little more, keeping his grip around Youko’s wrists firmly with a single hand as he writhed under him, and pulled at the lightweight cotton-like material until he heard a tear and it gave underneath his fingers.

Youko only gave a small grunt of annoyance at the ripped cloth, then furrowed his brow and allowed his lips to part when Kuronue found a pert nipple, twisting his wrists a little in Kuronue’s grip. Playing along for now.

Kuronue was becoming agitated. He thought he would have done better to hold back his arousal for a while, his cock was pressing against his leathers already, he should have been able to keep control for a little longer. But no, this was Youko. This was the effect all demons talked about. Were beginning to talk about.

“I don’t have to whisper words of encouragement do I?” The youko taunted, his laugh breathless.

“Quiet.” Kuronue snapped. In retaliation to the quip he pinched and twisted the youko’s nipple none too gently while he watched calmly, adoring the way Youko threw back his head when he yelped. His silver tresses cutting paths through the air like a blade through water, cast about with the movement of his head, beautiful. Youko’s hands jerked, but stilled themselves, controlling the urge to bring his hands down by his sides for protection. Like this he was completely bared, an incredibly stupid thing to do had Kuronue been a poacher. Youko either didn’t care or was very, very careful in choosing who he fucked despite the random nature most of which his liaisons were said to be.

Not that Kuronue could have succeeded in killing him anyway. If he looked at it from a certain point of view, fucking Youko was probably the only way to walk out of this situation alive. It was the right thing to do.

He splayed his hand against Youko’s ribs, pressed against the warmth of his skin and the softness of his clothes, and dragged it down slowly, the tips of his fingers catching on the small folds of fabric and sash before finding his target. The bulge of Youko’s hard cock through the layers of cloth.

Situated over the youko, a knee between the demons thighs, and his hands holding Youko’s up, out of the way, bent a little as his hand trailed down and down, he watched Youko Kurama’s pupils dilate, slowly, slowly. His lips were parted, just a little, and he could see the white teeth behind them, the fangs and the allegedly skilled tongue. Cold eyes watched him, not irritated or insulted, just watchful and inviting.

Kuronue dropped himself down onto his elbow, bringing himself closer to him, his lips hovering just over the youko’s, focusing on his expression as he sought his way past the layers of fabric, maybe a little too urgently, his fingers scraping against a pale abdomen before delving further to meet Youko’s cock. The reaction he received was small, but enough to make Kuronue feel a burst carnal hunger, just from simply watching him slide his eyes closed and sigh gently, his eyebrows pulling down and lips opening in a silent scream when Kuronue began to stroke and tease, rubbing his thumb against the weeping head of his cock.

Kuronue couldn’t help but stare, it was almost… like a drug, to watch Youko in the throws of pleasure, quiet but expressive, his hands clenching and unclenching as he moaned and arched his back slightly, half formed words not making sense once leaving his lips.

He didn’t really stop to wonder what he was doing, he didn’t have a plan, he just went with the flow, and he couldn’t have stopped watching Youko perversely even if he tried. He had no intentions to stop. How many other demons would be offered this chance, hm? Not very many.

Youko must have been getting close by now, Kuronue himself felt like he could cum right there, just from watching him open his mouth with a silent scream and dig his heals into the ground below them, pressing himself up against Kuronue invitingly. Bearly controlling another wave of hunger, Kuronue leant forward and licked along his neck, nipping lightly at his collarbone, allowing himself the brief pleasure of grinding his own cock into the youko’s thigh, grunting a little.

“Ch-- haa! Sssstop fucking around…” Youko panted, pressing his hips up against Kuronue’s hand, wanting more.

There was something inside Kuronue that felt strange at those words, he felt as if he could do whatever he wanted, and Youko would obey without a thought. His kind liked it didn’t they? Wanted to hand over the reigns every so often.

“I thought I told you to be quiet.” He glared at him, meeting the challenging look head on.

Not pleased with Youko’s unwillingness to play along, he slid his hand away from Youko’s cock, ignoring the growl it elicited.

“Don’t think you can just-” Kuronue cut him off with a savage kiss, not caring for anything he had to say, and far too aroused to give a shit about whatever games the Youko had planned on playing and what the stakes where for fucking them up so badly. Not his problem.

His tongue served as the link from his body to the hot flesh below him, moaning in either anger or pleasure as he worked on stripping the Youko from his clothes, sash first, then pants and tunic, torn from him with relative ease. He pulled back for a second, sitting back on his knees while he pulled his vest from him, and unwound the straps from his left arm quickly, all the while his eyes trailed over Youko before him.

He’d kissed him so hard his lips were blushing, along with his flushed face. With his arms still extended up above him, he ran his own thumbs along his own ears shivering and panting heavily, his half-lidded golden gaze holding tight onto Kuronue’s own, flesh bared and completely unashamed. His hair strewn all around him, along with the remaining tatters of his clothes and then grass beneath them. His beautiful cock arched up towards him, weeping slightly, thin waist begging to be held by his hands.

A devious little smile played on Youko’s lips, reflected in his eyes.

“Hands in the air.” He ordered, not waiting for compliance, taking hold of them himself, wrapping the binding from his own arm around each wrist and then together, working in figure eights.

“So,” he asked once he’d tied them off sufficiently and ducked forward, pulling Youko’s arms behind his head. “Why me?”

Despite his arousal, shown in the husky quality of his voice, he was going to ask, and he was going to get an answer.

Youko laughed. “Why ask now?”

He slapped Youko’s hip, not too hard, just a warning, and met Youko’s suddenly defiant gaze with a confident stare. “Why?”

“You were there, I thought ‘why not?’” He said, his face blank and voice monotone, his skin still hot beneath Kuronue. Intoxicating.

It was a lie.

He pushed himself up, pulling Youko with him, and slipped Youko’s arms from his neck once they were both on there knees, facing each other. Youko, completely naked and bound, his knees parted while he stared at him, had lost all traces of cockiness.

Kuronue still had his pants on, and the connected piece of cloth which hid his weapons from view and the large straps of leather holding them in place. He pulled the cloth off, and tossed his weapons aside with them, keeping only his leathers, necklace, and one of his small daggers, which he hooked under the binding of his right arm, keeping it on him, just incase.

He slid closer to him, so that they were chest to chest, and pulled Youko’s hands up over his head to rest on his shoulders again, the binding resting on the nape of his neck, while he slipped his hands around to Youko’s back, simply running his hands over the skin, admiring the muscles evident in his back. The glared at each other, Youko seeming to only tolerate Kuronue’s ministrations, but his cock stayed hard, and his eyes seemed to become even more dilated, drowning out the gold, replacing it with dark pools of black.

Then Youko yelped and positively glared when he took hold of his tail none too gently, feeling the bones beneath the fur, pressing too hard for it to be comfortable. “Tell me the truth.”

Youko’s ears had flattened against his head, and he bared his teeth with a snarl. “Let go of my tail, now.”

Kuronue allowed himself a smirk. “Oh-ho. So now I have your attention.”

If the youko wasn’t angry before, he was now.

Why?” Kuronue repeated, narrowing his eyes and leaning forward a bit, nipping at Youko’s bottom lip, backing off slightly when he jerked his head back, away from him.

With one hand abusing Youko’s tail, the other was free to travel down the seam of his ass, toying with his entrance. If he got an answer he’d have Youko slick his fingers, if not he wouldn’t bother. It wasn’t necessary seem as demons organs where made of tougher stuff than most humans, which allowed them to suffer greater injuries compared to them, but it helped make it more enjoyable for the both of them.

He was still hard against him, he could feel it through his leathers, they both were hard, and they both got off on this. Fighting through sex.

Youko refused to say anything.

So he dug his nail into the cavern between bones, twisting his tail while he was at it, morbidly amused when Youko gave a violent jerk and yelped loudly. “Fuck you!”

He chuckled, soothing his tail, rubbing the pad of his thumb over the abused vertebrae. “Tell me or it’ll be uncomfortable.”

He worked a finger inside him to illustrate his point, swallowing when Youko gave a scream of a different kind this time, his head falling forward slightly, lips resting against Kuronue’s cheek as he panted, pulling him closer with his bound hands and spreading his knees a little further. His cock no doubt aching to be touched, need coursing through him, desperation closing in.

“Tell me.” He whispered harshly, barely able to find his own voice. He stroked the walls of Youko’s passage, purposefully avoiding the spot he knew Youko would enjoy the most, sending shivers through the youko.


What was he doing? This wasn’t him. This wasn’t him doing this. This was Youko, this was what Youko wanted. Not Kuronue. Kuronue was under Youko’s influence and doing exactly as Youko wanted. Because he was Youko-fucking-Kurama and could have his way with anyone and anything.

He was too preoccupied with licking and biting at Youko’s neck to care, forcing his finger in further, his other hand pulling his tail just a little threateningly. Enjoying the youko’s small broken and needy moans. “K-Kuronue…”

He froze.

Youko Kurama knew his name.

Youko Kurama had come to him.

Youko Kurama was going to let him fuck him.

Oh, yessssss.

Leaning back a bit, sitting on the heels of his feet, he pulled Youko forward while forcing another of his fingers inside, nipping at the youko’s jaw, shivering with arousal at Youko’s loud moan, feeling the need inside him slowly creeping in on him like an angry beast, prowling through his veins, waiting. The constriction was annoying, why he was still wearing his leathers he had no idea.

Youko’s breathing had shortened considerably, and he pulled at his bindings, resting his head on Kuronue’s shoulder as he stroked inside him, bolting his eyes closed and gritting his teeth with effort to not force himself back onto the fingers. He wanted more—wanted something more substantial than this pleasure.

It was fleeting and not quite enough, so, so far away from his goal. “Kuronue… more. I want more… Fuck me, put you cock inside me and fuck me, hard. Fuck me, Kuronue, now—now… just…”

He screamed and instinctively pressed back against Kuronue’s fingers when he obliged with Youko’s wishes for more, running his fingers along the most precious place inside him. Kuronue’s lips were captured by Youko’s own, and he found he had only the will to comply to the Youko’s ramblings when his mouth wasn’t otherwise preoccupied with Kuronues hot tongue.

“Yes—ah! Yes… more…” He growled, frenzied and almost violent in his kisses, which Kuronue returned with the same amount of need driven passion, slowly loosing all sane convictions.

What really drove him overboard, what caused his control to snap so completely though, was Youko’s tongue tracing his tapered ear. His wanton whines coupled with pleas filling his senses, going directly to his cock, sending a violent shiver of need throughout him. He ended up tossing Youko back onto the ground below him once more, and following soon after, his eyes wide, wings unfurled and teeth bared.

Youko barely had a chance to register the loss of his fingers before Kuronue had, undone his leathers just enough to release his furiously engorged cock, and pulled one of the youko’s legs up to rest on his shoulder, the other he held by the knee after positioning himself at Youko’s entrance. He had to watch Youko’s expression as he forced his leg forward, pulling his ass up and forcing himself into his tight ass, he couldn’t take his eyes off him, couldn’t stop admiring the flawlessness everything about him.

Youko wailed, his eyes flying wide upon the sudden shock of his ass being filled so completely, his body bent almost in half, his ass welcoming the cock, his mind screaming and body singing along too. It was powerful and so wonderfully delicious. Plowing its way through him like the strongest wind in autumn, forcing everything out but the sensation dealt by each of Kuronue’s powerful thrusts.

And Kuronue, Kuronue was lost inside his own maelstrom of hot lust, unable to do much else but stare and stare and fuck Youko into the ground, forcing screams from his throat with each thrust. His body was screaming, screaming for him to fuck him harder, to take and take, because this was what he was, a demon, and he was to take it all by force. Youko was only playing the part, he wasn’t truly submissive, so he’d take it all now and he’d never forget. No, he’d never fucking forget the demon Kuronue who ignored his petty little games and met him on his own terms and fucked him so hard he could only scream and moan and pant and cry, getting closer and closer towards the big fucking bang.

He could feel it himself, building and building. He moaned and forced himself to keep his eyes open, staring down at Youko, who was far too gone to even try to keep his eyes open, lost in his cries of ecstasy. Pretty little fangs so openly visible against his bruised lips and flushed face, silver hair so beautifully pale against his slicked skin, pooling at the ground around them, mixing with Kuronue’s own inky tresses when he bent down further to force his tongue into the hot cavern, meeting his tongue like he did his ass, kissing him was all the fervor and passion that consumed them so hotly.

Too close, far too close, he slid his hand from his knee, trailing his fingers up Youko’s thigh, to wrap around his weeping cock, pumping him in time with his heady thrusts, growling a little when Youko wailed into his mouth, biting at his lip and brining his hands up again to rest them behind Kuronue’s neck. Forcing himself further in half, Kuronue’s cock delving deeper, enriching the powerful surges of bliss running rampant throughout Youko’s fervent body.

Things all came crashing down rather quickly after that, Youko loosing himself first, pronouncing his ecstasy with a loud scream, pulling Kuronue with him soon after. They saw stars and sailed the plateau of ecstasy together, bathing in the pools of euphoria gleefully, absolutely content for that one single moment, drunk on its after taste, seeing the world as nothing but the lag in their limbs and the air kissing their lungs.

Rather than collapsing on top of Youko, he pulled himself out and collapsed beside him, their legs tangled and Kuronue’s arm draped across Youko’s chest, feeling his struggle to catch his breath.

Then, after a while, keeping his eyes closed, and his head turned down to face the grass beneath him, its unique sent mixed with the smell of sex, he asked, “Are you going to tell me why now?”

When Youko didn’t reply he cracked an eye open and lifted his head to peer over at him, ignoring the way his breath caught in his throat for a second. Youko looked well and truly fucked, the haze in his eyes almost warming the ice they held prisoner.

He waited a while longer for Youko to reply, running his eyes along the lines of his arms, still held up above his head, bound at the wrists in his leather straps, contrasting so nicely with his porcelain skin.

Youko refused to reply, staring up at the canopy of leaves instead.

Kuronue lowered his head again, sighing. “Guess I’ll just have to fuck it out of you wont I?”

Youko still didn’t reply, but he did finally look at him with something other than thinly veiled contempt. He finally saw him as a person, and not just another demon. Something more.

The End

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