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Title: Sonata
Pairing: MotherNaturexKuronuexYoukoKurama
Rating: Very NC-17
Warnings: PWP. Threesome, bondage, bloodletting.
Summary: Serve me and aid in reminding the little bitch were he truly belongs, creature?
Notes: This is a splinter from another fic. Muse wants what it wants and I cannot deny it its dirty little bunnies when they go on brain raping rampages. So here’s 12 pages of pure smut for you all.





The youko growled and then yelped, crying out loudly, his eyes bolted shut. He couldn’t speak, not with the cloth had had been forced in his mouth and the strap of leather, borrowed from Kuronue, that made it impossible for him to spit it out. Still his protests were rather loud, and not human at all. The animal in him had been forced to the surface, trapped as he was, restricted and bound.

Mother hissed, and said something in another tongue. His hands trailing over the youko’s silken flesh, eyes a light with a perverse satisfaction at seeing Youko in such a state.

What would have been a pained scream was muffled, but Kuronue remembered it well enough from the few times he had heard it. Youko was not one to not vocalize his pain in these types of situations. When Kuronue hurt him on purpose, he screamed like a banshee. Because he knew that Kuronue liked it, and perhaps because he liked it too.

There were other cries too, completely different cries that went straight to his cock. Though the pained cries still had him bite his lip and grip at the youko a little tighter. His cock was so hard, aching.

Mother had two fingers inside him. Peaking over the youko’s quivering shoulder, Kuronue could see the palm of the god’s hand shifting as he worked his fingers in and out of his ass. He looked up, and was pinned by eerie emerald eyes. Boring a hole right through him, eyes surrounded by strange dark markings. A corner of the god’s lips pulled upwards slightly.

Something brushed against the edge of his mind and Kuronue jerked violently, eyes widening, cock jumping. Oh, fuck. What the hell had that been?!

He needs to be reminded. He is a servant to the earth. Nothing more.

Serve me and aid in reminding the little bitch were he truly belongs, creature?

He shall make it worth your while.

His eyes rolled back into his head. He couldn’t breathe. Each word was like something was stroking his very core. “Yes.” He gasped. Forcing himself to meet Mother’s eyes once again. To remain in his position cross-legged on the bed, sitting up while Youko rested his forehead in the crook of his neck, unable to use his hands for them being tied behind his back securely, tied together neatly, forearm to wrist. Panting, moaning and growling against Kuronue.

Not long ago, when Mother had appeared next to him from out of nowhere, he’d immediately known who the god was. Youko had told him about Mother Nature, and the connection they had. Who and what he was. He supposed he should have bowed or something, then began begging for his life, but he didn’t. Kuronue bowed to no one, not even the earth.

The god had wanted to ask a favor of him anyway. He hadn’t said much by way of explanations, nor greetings.

“The youko has become insolent towards me.” He’d said, blackened lips drawn back in something like a snarl, sharp teeth visible. Emerald eyes furious, disgust in them terribly obvious. And yet his presence was too seductive, pressing against Kuronue and taking hold of his forelocks, running them through his fingers, dragging a long nailed finger along the brim of his hat.

Kuronue had stared blankly at him, refusing to play along. “…Really? Huh… Well, uh, goodbye.”

He’d turned to leave, then paused when the god’s words hit him like a ton of bricks. “I want to fuck him back into place.”

He’d stood completely still for a while. Wondering if all things earthbound happened to just resolve everything through sex or if it was just the company he kept. He’d turned around to face the god slowly, folding his arms over his chest and raising an eyebrow. “I suppose there is a reason you’re announcing this to me then?”

He’d only received a solemn nod in return, then a vicious grin showcasing the thorn-like teeth once more. “Where is he?”

And now Mother smiled at him, lowering his eyes for a moment, gaze turning into something seductive and slightly sinister.

Looking down to the god's other hand, he watched the sharp nails trace and retrace the deep cuts on Youko’s thighs, deep and vicious enough to leave scars. Youko was doing well to not scream as loud as he had been, though he still shivered and jerked, pressing his forehead harder against Kuronue. A loud moan escaped him, different to the last, Mother’s fingers deep, deep inside hitting the spot that usually had him snarling with pleasure. Unable to stop the animalistic instinct to take, and enjoy.

Kuronue had his hands on the youko’s back and shoulder, holding him steady, admiring the arch of his spine. He was hopelessly aroused and his breathing was short. His face felt hot; his whole body felt hot in fact. He was becoming impatient, he wanted to fuck or be fucked. Wanted to feel what Youko was feeling, wanted to lose himself in pleasure.

He swallowed, and leaned back a little, pulling Youko up so he could see his face. With his knees spread wide below him, and his arms bound behind him, pleasure and pain controlling him, Kuronue had to move him manually himself. He cupped the youko’s face, angling his head up with his thumb and fingers at his jaw.

His breath left him at the sight. So wonderfully erotic and… fucking hot.

Youko was at the brink of crying, unable to control himself any longer, desperate and restrained, tortured. Though refusing to allow himself the weakness, he had a very strong will. His eyes were open, just barely, golden eyes glazed with lust, eyebrows pulled together, face flushed. Gag forcing his mouth open, leather cutting a path from his cheeks to the back of his head, winding through hair that framed his face and fell in his eyes, falling from his shoulders, tangled and disheveled. His ears pressed back against his head.

Youko shivered, gazing up at Kuronue. Eyes begging him. Pleading him to just be fucked, to end the torment. He was sure that if he had not been gagged, the youko would have been tossing insults and orders already.

Kuronue almost sympathised.

They’d been here for a while now. After Mother had dragged the struggling youko into his chambers, and forced him on the bed in a flurry of pale limbs and torn clothing. Ordered Kuronue to pull the leather from his arms and give it to him. He’d flipped Youko onto his stomach and tied his hands behind him then, and Kuronue had watched, incredibly aroused.

But he’d been too loud, swearing and throwing threats left right and center, refusing to submit. Kuronue knew from experience that the only way to get the youko to submit was through force, not kindness, unless the youko himself had thought up the idea. So Kuronue had gagged him, sliding onto the bed after pulling his hat from his head and pulling out the tie from his hair, gaining a satisfied smile from the god as he tore away the last remains of the youko’s clothing.

Torn from his thoughts, he licked his lips and leant forward a little, running his lips up the youko’s cheek, loving the smoothness of his skin under his lips. And the heat. The hitches in his breathing every time Mother’s fingers went deep inside.

“Do you want us to fuck you?” He whispered, and smiled a little at Mother’s chuckle. Felt the mattress beneath shift slightly and closed his eyes at Youko’s wail. Hissing a little as he breathed in, Kuronue sought to control himself.

When he had the mind to do so, the youko nodded. Making delightful sounds. Kuronue looked over the bound demon’s shoulder, and found that Mother was leaning over him slightly, stroking his cock with deliberate slowness. Dragging his long nails down to his balls and digging them in at very sensitive spots.

Kuronue narrowed his eyes and clenched his teeth, watching for a moment.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He raised himself up on his knees, pushing Youko up with him, and helped support him with a hand as his other went down to his own pants, pulling at the ties that bound them together with quick and urgent tugs.

“I’d say he wants to be fucked.” He breathed into Youko’s ear, growling slightly himself.

Again Mother chuckled. Leaning forward to press his lips against the youko’s quivering shoulder, slick with sweat and heated with lust. Youko shook his head violently and whined in frustration. Apparently trying to get rid of the gag.

Then his eyes widened and a pleasure filled scream escaped, though smothered, his spine arching, head lifting from Kuronue’s shoulder for a moment, easier now that they were more or less upright. Kuronue licked at his jaw playfully, and tugged his pants from his hips with a quick jerk.

Mother was inside him, still for now, holding onto Youko’s hips tightly, his head resting against the youko’s shoulder. Waiting for Youko to adjust a little, treating Youko carefully even though he seemed to be insulted by the youko’s treatment of himself. Kuronue bit his lip and moved forward a little, until he was close enough that he could take both Youko’s and his cock’s in one hand, and pumped them both lightly. Taking the chance to toy with the tormented youko, watching perversely as he squirmed and moaned, angling his head up to look up at the ceiling. Kuronue watched his hand stroke the two of them, and bit his lip almost hard enough to puncture the skin at the pure pleasure it wrought. Oh, yes. This was lovely.

He wanted more.

Kuronue reached around Youko’s back with his free hand, holding the two of them closer, burying his face in the youko’s shoulder, licking and nipping and sucking none too softly. Running his teeth over soft skin, shivering and panting with the wonderful sensations that his cock against Youko’s brought, and the feeling of his own hand. Skin on skin, heat, the closeness of another. So perfect.

“I want to hear him cry out.” He murmured, raising his head slightly to look at the still stationary god.

The head raised, and one emerald eye opened to stare back at him. He said nothing. Though the eye seemed to smile after a while.

“Yes, I want to hear your voice.” He said, more to himself than anyone else.

Reaching up, he hooked a finger underneath the already tight leather and pulled it down enough to free Youko’s mouth, letting the leather slip down to his neck and watch as Youko spat out the strip of cloth they’d torn from his own clothes in order to gag him.

“Move! Fuck me!” He ordered immediately, his voice a shaky and almost high-pitched whine. Desperation all too clear. Moaning and quivering between the two of them, stuck between the two bodies. Gloriously caught. He shifted slightly, trying to force Mother into moving, but Kuronue held him still. Occupying him with a kiss that distracted them both. Opened doors in the mind and lead them on walks of sensation. It was a simple and beautiful kiss. Hungry and passionate.

Broken by the youko’s almost hysterical cry when Kuronue felt Mother shift, pulling back and forcing his cock deep within Youko. Forced against Kuronue’s chest with the sudden violent push Kuronue tumbled back, falling among the sheets. He lost all sense of the world for a few moments, but quickly righted himself.

Youko was kneeling, leaning over in a rather difficult and uncomfortable position, Mother behind him, hands on his hips, head down, watching his cock disappear into the youko’s greedy ass, again and again. Kuronue shifted a little, so that they were both between his spread knees and he was comfortable once again. He took the youko’s head in his hands and kissed him hungrily. Forcing his way into the youko’s mouth, not caring for his pride or dominance or anything. He was too horny, and too far under to give a shit about what either of them thought now.

The broke apart when Mother began to gnaw at the leather binding Youko’s arms. He moaned and screamed thankfully, demanding for him to fuck him harder. Obscene words that certainly wouldn’t leave the youko unless he were in such a frenzied state. Kuronue did little more than watch and slide his hands against the sweat-slick skin. Burying his hands in long silver hair and plundering the youko’s wanton mouth once more.

“Youko Kurama,” Mother growled lifting his head for a moment, grunting. “You’ll suck him off won’t you?”

Kuronue didn’t give him a chance to reply with anything other than a slight sound in the back of his throat, acknowledgment.

Flushed and hopelessly aroused, Kuronue broke their kiss and shook his head, looking up at Mother past Youko’s shoulder. “No, he’ll fuck me.”

Youko groaned, his eyes closed, head dropping to Kuronue’s chest. “Release me!”

Annoyed with the demand, Mother snapped his jaws and glared at Kuronue and Youko. Slowing down his thrusts and eventually stopping. Lowering his head to finish pulling at the youko’s bindings. Slicing with his sharp teeth.

“Kuronue, touch me. Kuronue… do it. Now…” He moaned and gasped, hips held still by Mother’s strong hands when he attempted to impale himself on his cock once more. Back arched so prettily and panting with need, flushed and so, so aroused. Hair dangling ears pressed back against his head.

“No, no, no, no… Fuck meee,” Youko keened, resigned to submission.

The was a loud snap when Mother had finally given enough slack in the bindings for the youko to be able to tear the leather in two with a tug of his arms. He cried out in triumph and brought his hands down beside Kuronue to lift himself from Kuronue’s chest as soon as he was freed.

Youko looked down to Kuronue, and almost glared at him, frantically clawing at him and reaching back to coax Mother into moving once more. Only to be denied with a growl and have his head yanked back with a pale hand fisted in his hair.

Kuronue could tell Youko liked it. His lips parted with a moan that was more shock than anything else, but the obvious arousal was there. In the way he pressed back against Mother and reached forward, down to Kuronue, and ran his hands along the hard planes of his chest. Sliding over one of Kuronue’s nipples and teasing ruthlessly, fingernails scraping against his skin. Trying to give as much as he got.

“Kurama, Kurama…” Mother not quite whispered, leaning forward until he could whisper into the youko’s ear, still stroking his engorged cock with feather light passes of his fingers. “Such disobedience…”

Kuronue propped himself up on his elbows and trailed his lips down the other side of the youko’s face, licking and biting at his jaw, enjoying his moans of frustration.

“Fucking… stop your bitching and do something!” He snarled trying to move only to be held still with two sets of hands. He growled in frustration, looking ready to get violent.

“You need to learn manners, Kurama. You can apologize to us both.” Mother snarled back, tugging at his hair, pulling a yelp from Youko’s throat against his will. “All good little vixens do as they’re told.”

Then he brought his hand down on his thigh, and Kuronue shivered at the loud slap and youko’s loud yelp.

He faltered slightly, gasping. Obviously aroused by the simple act. “Mother…”

Kuronue trailed his hand down the youko’s chest until his hand encountered Mother’s, and he manipulated the bony fingers until they closed around his cock properly. He watched the youko’s face contort with pleasure, and licked his lips as he slipped his hand down further still. Exploring, running his fingers over Youko’s balls gently.

Kuronue himself was hard beyond all belief; he ached for release, to be touched properly. Watching Youko in the state of frenzied need was, as always, erotic and very, very pleasing, however he was loosing patience. He bit his lip and let his hand slip from them, trailing his hand to his own cock, grasping it firmly, shivering and gasping against the youko’s neck as he began to stroke himself.

“Look at him, so neglected. Help him out, Kurama.”

Closing his eyes Kuronue let his hand fall back and ignored the two above him shifting, though Youko’s loud moan was enough to have his arm that propped him up falter. He bit his lip and shifted a little, adjusting himself until his wings were in a comfortable position. This entailed moving up a little, until the knot of bedding beneath him wasn’t digging into his shoulder blades.

“Down you go…”

A hand joined his at his cock, and his eyes snapped open. He looked down, curious.

Still with a hand in the youko’s hair, Mother was guiding Youko down to his cock. Youko was beside himself with pleasure, grasping the sheets either side of Kuronue’s hips with a white knuckled grip, eyes bolted closed. Mother shifted his hips a little, enough to distract Youko in his task. The god held the youko’s tail in his hand, tugging lightly, eyes focused on the youko’s back. Lips pulled back in an almost-snarl.

Kuronue almost groaned when Youko licked at his cock, and took the head into his mouth, sucking, licking, and teasing. Such a beautiful sight. Youko sucking his cock while Mother tormented and fucked him. It looked like sweet torture.

“See? The obedient get fucked. Look at him, Kurama. Look at his face. He likes it.”

Oh, he did. He did enjoy it. Too much far too much. He wanted to reply in words, but he didn’t. Choosing not to. Choosing to suck in panting breaths and keep his eyes closed, feeling he deserved the attention now. Yes, his turn. Youko’s lips kissing the head of his cock, his tongue against oh, so sensitive skin.

He ran his hands up and down the youko’s shoulders, feeling the skin and the muscle below, the strength- oh…


He buried his hands in the youko’s hair when he took his cock as far as he could into his mouth, moaning. His tongue lashing against the underside of his cock, sliding, so hot. It was a perfect bliss, intoxicating and mind numbing.

He almost laughed suddenly. To think Youko Kurama could be controlled in such a way. Treated so lovingly and yet taught lessons through rough passion. Was that what Mother was doing? Controlling him, controlling them both?

He moaned and writhed, pushing away all thought. Too confusing now, he didn’t care. He just wanted to cum, and oh, it would be soon. Though he would still like to fuck the youko, yes. Fuck him and have him scream, like only he did when being pleased so absolutely he forgot his dignity and his ego. Forgot he was a youko, and all youko demanded respect. All youko had finesse. They were not sluts, not whores and they did not act like them.

Youko Kurama did.

Proud and arrogant he was nothing but a wanton bitch in heat.

Kuronue wanted to laugh again, but could only moan and writhe.

Youko’s lips around him, at the crown of his cock, his mouth sucking him in deep, so deep, his moans sending bolts that went right through his dick and had ecstasy ignite. Kuronue growled, close now.

But no. He wanted to fuck Youko.

“Stop…” He cringed at his own voice, and opened his eyes. Mother looked up, Youko continued. Kuronue was distracted with the way his cock disappeared into his mouth again and again, provided the sight that connected with the feeling.

Oh, he was going to cum, but no, not yet.

“Stop, fuck it!” He forced Youko away, shifting beneath them.

“I want to fuck him.” He announced, raising himself up, onto his shoulder and then sitting properly, legs crossed beneath him. He watched them both, Mother still with his hand on the youko’s tail and his other drifting down his back, his sides, pulling at his hair. And Youko with his head down, arms straining to hold himself up. Panting and desperate. The both of them were more than pretty, they were beautiful.

But he needed to calm down a bit.

Mother’s eyes were half-lidded and sly. He smiled at Kuronue, crimson hair plastered to his face, flowing everywhere, so long it was, spilling of the sides of the bed, and it was obscene. “Don’t we all.” He admitted voice still so strange, despite all those he’d heard among demons.

It was a sly look, and yet possessive. A warning. Why was he hiding?

“Are you going to beg me to make you cum, Kurama?” Mother leant forwards slightly, still completely dressed, his silken clothes hiding so much of the youko’s skin as he pulled the youko’s head up with his fingers entwined in his fringe.

Youko said nothing. Only let out a smothered groan. He knew how desperate he was and yet he still refused to be shamed. How proud he was. Kuronue chuckled.

Mother pulled his hips back and thrust forward rather harshly, continuing this way, slower than he had been before, harder, until Youko was scrambling for something to hold on to, and screaming with every single strike of the wonderful place inside him.

Kuronue bit his lip.

Mother tormented him further, leaning forward until his clothed chest was against his back and whispering in his ear. “You’re mine are you not? You’ll always be mine. I am the earth Youko Kurama, I am the earth and you will not disrespect me. I am everywhere. You cannot be arrogant towards me. I control you, you do not control me.”

Youko lifted his head and let out a perfect broken moan. “Yessss…oh, oh, yes.”

Then he opened his eyes and stared up at Kuronue.

Kuronue didn’t feel the blood drip from his chin, he’d bit a hole into his lip, a perfect puncture. He didn’t realize his eyes were slightly wide, and that he was leaning forward.


Mother thrust a few more times, and rested his head against the Youko’s shoulder, reaching below to pump the youko’s cock with his free hand. Biting into the skin of his shoulder.

Then they were both coming. Youko screaming and Mother too silent. But so hot.

Youko collapsed, exhausted, and Kuronue didn’t blame him. He didn’t understand how Mother, though panting and obviously sweating, didn’t seem to be taxed at all.

Kuronue swallowed thickly when Mother licked Youko’s cum from his hand with a too long tongue and pulled his cock from Youko’s ass. Leaning down to place a kiss on a bruised hip almost tenderly before raising once more. His hands resting just above the perfect curves of the youko’s ass, sitting on his heels between the youko’s legs. Almost demure now.

“He has something to think about now.” Mother mumbled, and looked up to Kuronue once more. Tilting his head slightly. “Still so hard Kuronue…”

Youko peered up at him, stirring. Chuckling quietly, then sighing contently. And ear twitching, tail moving slightly; a voice to his good mood. Kuronue had expected him to be furious, however he suspected it would come later.

“You want to fuck Kurama, do you?” He asked, slapping the youko’s bare ass harshly when he tried to raise himself.

“Yes, and I will.” He replied, slowly slipping from his trance-like state. Realising he leant back now, hands behind him, cock furiously engorged. He was hungry and hot. He wanted to fulfill the ache and be stated.

Mother seemed hell-bent on having things go his way.

He watched Youko shake away Mother’s hand and look up over his shoulder with a glare. “Mother.” He snarled, voice dripping with anger. He went to say something else, then hesitated.

“Hmmm?” He looked down at him with a raised eyebrow. A pointed gesture.

The youko grinned and turned back to Kuronue. Mother looked up at him at the same time.

Kuronue felt a terrible sense of foreboding. It exited him.

“Oh yes.” Mother purred. Stroking Youko now, running a thumb along a delicate fur covered ear. “Yes, I like that.”

Youko raised himself, and this time was met with no resistance. He crawled towards Kuronue slowly, looking all the part of a predator ready to kill him. Oh yes. Kuronue’s breath hitched. Oh yes.

“So keen on fucking me Kuronue… hmmm.” He purred, deep voice silken sending shivers right through him as he perched himself atop him. Making sure he was in the perfect position to raise himself and reach back to take hold of Kuronue’s cock, pressing the head against his puckered hole, still slick with Mother’s cum.

Kuronue groaned and gripped at the youko’s thighs. “Yes, yes, drop down and take all of my cock in. Eat it up.”

But Youko didn’t, he hovered and taunted. Smirking and looking so very pleased. “So greedy.”

Kuronue’s bucked his hips up but Youko only rose with him, avoiding him with a delighted laugh. Kuronue groaned in frustration.

Then pale, almost white, hands appeared around the youko’s bruised hips and pushed him down violently.

The reaction was immediate; both threw back their heads screamed. It was perfect. Bliss in pure form. Powerful beyond belief.

Kuronue shuddered and moaned when Youko rose and dropped, then rose again. He looked up and saw Mother helping him, hands below him, pulling him up, helping his drop down, until his prostate was stuck so totally his eyes threatened to roll back in his head and his breathing pause. They were kissing, too. Kuronue admired the lines of their jaws for a moment before his own pleasure took over, and demanded him to pay it attention too.

So seductive it was, easily addictive. Yes, he was greedy. He didn’t care, he wanted it all. Everything.

Pleasure took over. The rhythmic thrust of his hips and the warms of the Youko’s thighs, the slick heat and perfect way Youko swallowed up his cock so powerfully arousing. Pulling at his strings until he was a moaning mess, biting his lips and cursing. Close to cuming once again, all too soon.

Youko’s pace soon became frantic, and he could hear both of their gasping breaths, the prelude was the slight change in Youko’s moans. More desperate, his muttered curses soon becoming nonsensical howls, chants and slurs.

Mother urged them on. “Yes, its close now, isn’t it? Cum. Give in to it. I can hear it in the both of you. Cum for me, now. Now!”

And they did.

Kuronue slid his eyes open, he hadn’t realized he’d closed them, and watched as Youko froze for a second as he came, but Mother helped him to continue rising and falling. Forcing the sensation to follow through. His cum splattering over his own chest and Kuronue’s. Eyes bolted closed and mouth open, brow furrowed. Face flushed and hair clinging to his temples, neck and chest.

Kuronue dug his fingers deep into his thighs, distantly knowing he tore through the skin, and not giving a shit, he arched his back, a hoarse cry escaping him as everything dissolved beneath him. He knew only perfection. Pleasure wracking him so completely.

Oh, it was...

Youko fell forward, catching himself on his hands, placed either side of Kuronue’s head. He snuck in a slow and deep kiss while he raised his hips once more, pulling Kuronue from him. Then he rolled over onto his back beside Kuronue and sighed.

Kuronue closed his eyes and shifted slightly. Stated as he was he didn’t particularly feel like he wanted to get up and bathe, he was quite happy to just sleep off the drain right now. He was sure Youko felt the same.

Lips covered his, and he opened his eyes slightly. Meeting startling emerald eyes he made a soft sound in his throat and lifted a hand sluggishly to clutch at Mother’s shoulder.

The kiss was weird. Mother’s teeth were weird, and his tongue seemed too long and oddly shaped. He smelt of nothing and he sensed nothing from him. No yoki, no ki whatsoever. It was as if he wasn’t there at all.

But the kiss was calming.

He almost fought to keep Mother with him when he pulled away and moved over to Youko, placing a kiss on his forehead first before kissing him just as tenderly. Hands either side of his face, fingers stroking slightly. Kuronue watched as Youko jerked and flinched below him slightly, with no apparent reason that Kuronue could think of other than that Mother was talking to him as he had to Kuronue. Through the mind.

When they parted, Mother smiled widely. He sat on his heels once more, and simply stated, “I leave now,” then moved to the edge of the bed, stood, and walked out.

Kuronue turned his head towards Youko to find him glaring back at him. “I have one hell of a score to settle with you, Kuronue.” He said.

Kuronue smirked, and lifted himself until he was almost on top of him, their legs twined together. “Yes, make it good.”

He snorted in response and pulled Kuronue down for a possessive kiss that stole Kuronue’s breath and left him somewhat dizzy. If he had the energy to do so he would have continued on, but he couldn’t. “Sleep now. Revenge comes later.”


And how sweet it would be.

The End

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