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Title: Zodiac
Rating: R18+ (NC-17)
Warnings: Vague sexy teims.
Pairings: KuramaxHiei, KarasuxKurama.
Summary: Rule Number One: do not fuck bandmates or members of other bands.
Notes: This’ll be long I think, I have written some of it already so that I know the direction I’m heading in a little better. The bands are all very tentatively named. To me they seem incredibly cheesy…sorry about that. The other Band AU that got eaten was originally a very long one-shot, but it looks like this will be a multiple chaptered thingy with indeterminate length at the moment... I told myself I wouldn’t post this chapter until I have finished the third chapter, but perhaps if I sit still enough I won’t notice.



Spirit Virtuoso


The baying of the crowd could be heard even backstage in the cabins that had been set up for the band’s time in Kyoto. The sounds of their cheers sounding like war cries. The stamp of the avid fan’s feet sounding something like a herd of rabid animals. The overwhelming deep rumble of their collective voices as they sang along with the supporting act they tolerated only because they knew what was coming up next. To say the air was electric by the stage would have been an understatement. The air thrummed with anticipation and the appeasement was reaching its limit.

Three concerts over four nights and a lot of time to waste in between that was spent either practicing or avoiding Yusuke’s bored pranks and bored brawls with Kuwabara. Their world tour had gone well so far, even better than their previous. Traveling and living in each other’s laps wasn’t as bad as they had thought it would be. They lived together in hotels and passed out backstage during the times they had nothing in particular to be doing. When they needed time alone though, it was a little difficult to find the time to do so.

If someone happened to open the door to Kurama’s temporary cabin at the moment, he’d tell them that and he’d stick to his story. Unlike Hiei, Kurama couldn’t disappear quite as easily, and when he did it was usually in moments such as this.

Two songs before they went on stage, bent over a creaky wooden chest which Kurama brought along with him everywhere, Hiei’s hands gripping his hips and his face pressed against his shoulder.

There was no time for it otherwise. Sex of planes, on busses, in the comfort of their own cabins, it was all rushed and not nearly as elaborate as they would have preferred it to be. Quickies that were as mind blowing as they were brief. Some could say the danger helped them along, and it did, Kurama’s muffled shouts in bathroom stalls in airports and strangled keens in his bunk at the back of their tour bus were as arousing as they were highly suggestive.

Hiei always knew he’d be a screamer.

Their fame had taken a long while to manifest and their meeting had come long before they had joined forces with Yusuke and Kuwabara through the nefarious tactics of their manager. Together they created an odd mixture, and their instruments gave a unique sound. Somehow, after a few years of steadily rising fame, they had struck gold this time.

One guitar, one violin, a sound table with various mixes and effects and an elaborate drum kit. This was their voice, their being.

Kurama had tasted mind blowing fame as a Stradivarius long before the others of his current band had. He’d been known as Youko then, and his band had been a growing, destructive force in any arena, any stadium, and any amphitheater they played at. He’d recreated and breathed fresh life into the violin in a way those before him hadn’t. His old band had decimated their audiences and ultimately it was this that caused his old band to melt down.

Hiei, renowned for his speed and dexterity on the drums, quick pick up on notes and down beats, had been famous--or infamous some would argue--long before he’d ever decided to join any band worth their salt. And they would have to be worthy for his attentions. He did not react well to small fry, as many had learnt quickly. His antisocial and surely demeanor made him into notorious within the music industry.

Oddly enough they had met after one of Kurama’s concerts through a series of rather annoying paperwork issues which many people had been fired over. Kurama had been ruthless back then and somehow his show of lack of respect for the humanity in the people who, back then, had waited on his every need had caught Hiei’s eye. He had no tolerance for those who annoyed him and looked as if he were ready to attack those all around him, even though Hiei knew himself now that he was placid and calm almost all of the time.

Strange events had them seeing more and more of one another. The Hiei started appearing unannounced to the venues of Kurama’s gigs and Kurama happened to run into Hiei in odd places around the world, seemedly by pure chance.

They melded together like they were a part of the same stick and so they had put it to good use once Kurama’s old band split after a rather dramatic accident which had killed two members, left one blind and the other had simply disappeared of the face of the earth. They made something tragic into something that had a lot of raw potential.

They’d met Yusuke and then Kuwabara some time later, once they had made it plain that they were looking for the other something that would take them to the stars.

Yusuke’s voice, his lyrics, the sound of his guitar and his overall style had developed over time. Still young he’d only gotten better and better, gaining strength in his skills and experience to back up his cocksure attitude. As the frontman of the band, he was the bands most important member, however public appearances were usually left to Kurama, as Yusuke happened to have his foot lodged in his mouth most of the time.

And Kuwabara, Yusuke’s friend and very talented mixer had come to be known as something of a genius in his own, unique field. He had, right from the begging, the raw power of something great, so much so that Kurama’s eyes had lit up the first time he’d ever heard his work. He too had developed over time, they all had really.

They developed their sound, and their fans became greater in number.

It lead them to this point, fucking their anxiety away and twisting it into the calm placid strength and raw intensity that they felt when the lights were scalding their skin as they faced the black writhing mass past the glare of the lights and the dim of the arena.

Kurama’s forehead fell to the thick lid of the chest with a thud as his hair splayed around him after, shifting and sliding with each glorious jolt and shudder that passed through him under the quick, rhythmic thrusts of his bandmate. He gripped at the edges of the dark wood, scrapping his nails along the well worn varnish and intricate pattern carved into the sides and head.

Hiei’s breath ghosted down Kurama’s neck, running along the cold silver chains than hung around his neck, the three necklaces signaled every thrust and shift of his body like a bell, mirroring his panting breaths and moans. Along with the creak of leather and the occasional loud screech of Hiei’s boots on the linoleum flooring Kurama insisted on for this part of his cabin, there was only the sounds of their laboured breathing, the wet sounds of flesh on flesh and Kurama’s unrestrained cries as Hiei’s hands wrapped underneath his, reaching for his cock and his other toying with a nipple under the tight fabric of shirt.

There was pounding on the flimsy door and rattling of the handle, but they both ignored it as well as the shouts for them to both hurry up with their pre-show antics and meet with the rest of their band for their regular quick run through songs and pep talks from each other before they went on stage. They ignored it, instead focusing on the rapture rising to take control of their bodies.

Surely they heard Kurama’s cry Hiei was too lost to remember to smother him properly. It was the only time he could forgive himself for a single small slip like that, he even delighted in it a little.

But who the hell really cared about the outcome if anyone actually caught them fucking like lowly animals ten minutes before a big performance? They were fine with their relationship and they had no doubts that Yusuke and Kuwabara wouldn’t care about the extent of their relationship, even though they were almost of a different breed to them.

Kurama’s ass would be tender and leaking all night, and the knowledge of such would amuse Hiei right through the set until they got the chance to be alone once again. Hiei could mock him about it and smirk through Kurama’s quick witted and sharp returns.

Pulling his pants back up to his hips and securing the many belts around his waist, Hiei watched distractedly as Kurama fixed himself up to a somewhat respectable state.

The skirt, which Hiei had quipped about being easy accesses, was pulled down to cover most of his legs once again before Kurama stood, grimacing a little as he shifted and bent down a little to retrieve his custom green tinged dark Violectra and bow. He’d taken to carrying it around with him everywhere these past few days, refusing to let anyone else touch it between shows. It was his instrument and he’d never even thought of letting others care for it. Hiei respected that.

They met Yusuke and Kuwabara by the stage. They weren’t surprised to find them on the floor with Kuwabara locked in a headlock flailing like a dead fish in an effort to release himself.

Here the roar of the crowd was nigh deafening as the supporting band finished violently, and the sound dimmed to the frantic cries and expectant shouts. Agitated by the long time it took for the quick half assed yet somehow still inspiring encouragement and devilish smirk from Yusuke, the very ground shook as rhythmic shouts repeated over and over, the same phrase.

‘Spi-rit Vir-tu-oso’. Drawing out their name and turning it from a six syllable chant into a gliding five syllable, vaguely belligerent shouts and growls as their name drawled on. Deep male voices growled and higher no less violent and avid female voices rang out above. Their audience was music itself, unique each time they played to different crowds, their reactions unpredictable.

Hard earned, their fame was the fickle sort that attracted those from every corner of the globe and brought of those few strange creatures who dared dabble in their strange kind of music. A little evil, a little maniac and powerful, but always exhilarating, powerful and true in the way that only certain kinds of music could ever be.

Kurama caught Hiei’s eyes just before they stepped on stage, already his heart was pounding in his chest oddly and his frayed nerves were blissfully calm. Hiei’s response was a kindred smirk and a brush of their hands as they crossed paths to reach their positions.

This was their band, and nothing would ever break them up.

Not when they finally had their life’s dream in the palm of their hands, and all they had to do was curl their fingers in and hold on to it tightly.

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