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Title: Gold and Leather
Warnings: Bondage, orgasm denial, oral.
Rating: R18+
Summary: Youko and Kuronue must lay low for a while after their last heist blew up in their faces in a rather catastrophic way. But ah, how to pass the time?
Notes: Challenged myself to write sex without penetration, yo. :D


Gold and Leather

Originally, Youko hadn’t intended on making his quarters too luxurious. He sold things almost as quickly as he stole them, but this bed was one thing that he decided he simply had to keep for himself.

After all, it had its uses.

Youko cracked an eye open and gazed down nonchalantly, his slick fingers sliding along the underside of his cock and his thumb gliding along the head, smearing the bead of pre-come that had collected. It took effort to remain so stoic, especially when Kuronue was face down on the bed and couldn’t exactly see him unless he twisted uncomfortably. There was little incentive for him to remain stone-faced other than his own stubbornness.

“I can’t feel my arms anymore,” the demon hissed, shifting up onto his knees and tugging violently. His wings flared out a little, as if trying to help him, though with no great strength. Great leathery black wings that packed more punch than his fists if someone dared to sneak up behind him or attack him from the side with a wing span wider than his own arms. They were beautiful things, really; as deadly as they were.

Youko had given him a drug would drain most of his strength and more or less induce an equivalent to a bitch’s heat. A vixen’s to be technical, but it was potent enough to work on both sexes. This whole fiasco had been in the name of experimentation really, it was an old fox tonic, not something that he wouldn’t have considered trying out on any other species until Kuronue made a snide comment during a mission. Youko held grudges.

The bed he’d tied Kuronue to was a new acquisition, a few notches up form his usual bedding. The headboard was made completely out of gold and expensive eastern Makai wood, the dark grain shone with varnish and lacquer that protected it from dubiously sharp claws. The design of the gold curves and swirls that joined the wood and the frame of the bed together was something truly admirable. The maker had spent time and money on it, something that could have been gaudy was instead elegant and brutal all at once. A demonic construction no matter how you looked at it.

Of course the most interesting feature was right in the centre of the headboard. A creature – some sort of naked satyr-like demon – looked down on whomever slept in the bed with sightless eyes and a passive expression. Its thin hands cupped before itself, fingers curled around the centre bolt holding a thick D-ring.

There were smaller figures mixed in with the waves and swirls of the headboard, all from Makai fairytales. The fae, specifically, who were a mystery even to demons. Lower level demons who’d stayed in the human realm before the worlds had been separated, they kept to themselves enough to have even the Makai dweller doubt their existence.

Weaved into the D-ring attached to the bolt and tied with a strong knot, clove and two half hitchs, were the leather cords of Kuronue’s arm binds. His wrists were bound together, the length of black leather cord between them linked to the D-ring and then again up his arms, shibari-like way. The ring made a soft sound each time he tugged, useless in the end. Though the headboard was made of gold, it’s obviously been worked over by a shaman or sum suck, Youko doubted it’d ever break from demon strength alone.

After all, what good was a thief who did not use the money he acquired through the goods he stole? He kept lots of things, sold others that weren’t as, well, interesting. Kuronue seemed to prefer selling things they stole no matter their use, he cared less about what was done with them in the end. Unless they were weapons or the few, select things he seemed to have a true interest in.

This one had use.

Youko sighed in amusement, opening his other eye to stare at Kuronue’s welcoming ass as he leant back against the rumpled covers at the end of the bed. His partner growled and dropped his chin to his chest, spine arching in a way that made the dip of his lower back more prominent. It nearly made Youko’s mouth water.

“It doesn’t matter,” he mused, forcing the delighted laughter back as Kuronue seemed to give up for the moment and raised he head to look at Youko over his shoulder.

Blue eyes widened a little and he released something like a growl. Flushed and panting, almost writhing against the bed itself, Kuronue received no release. Youko had seen to that, coiling his vines around Kuronue’s cock from base to head, so tightly he’d be lucky if he could feel any sensation other than tightness and an utter lack of pleasure in just the place he wanted it. With the same cord he’d bound behind Kuronue balls as well, pulling the cord tight. He wouldn’t be coming any time soon.

Truthfully Youko only wanted to make sure that the tonic was working as it should long before he fucked Kuronue. He’d upended most of the phial directly into Kuronue ass, making absorption quicker, he’d prepared him then too, left him a quaking mess only to pull away with a smirk. He licked his lips and curled his fingers around the base of his cock, giving himself just a small reprieve. It frustrated him almost as much as it had to have been frustrating Kuronue--well not really, Kuronue was probably near his wits end--but he was loathe to ruin his fun after he’d gone this far to set it all up.

“The hell is doesn’t matter,” Kuronue breathed, turning back to look down at his arms and the short length of cord that held his wrists together, locked into that damnable knot and secured into the D-ring. The bonds pulled at his whole arm rather than just his wrists, coiled up his arms as they were and with a pressure that his wrists were certainly not accustomed to.

Gasping for air and sweating like it was a day better suited to be somewhere much cooler, Kuronue leaned forward, up on his knees, and tried to reach the source of his torment.

Youko’s foot nudged his ass none too gently and he fell on his side, giving a frustrated shout and writhing, the strain in his shoulders command he roll over to be face down once again, he did so, gasping for air staying low to the hot silken sheets, pressing his face into the mattress and jerking his hips forward, impulsively.

Youko shifted a little closer with a coy expression, white tail moving with the sway of his hips. Kuronue groaned, splaying his knees wide and burying his face into his open palms as he writhed and panted, his skin long ago covered in the slick sheen of sweat. There was friction, oh yes, but it was frivolous and not at all what he wanted. It only frustrated him further, and made him let out a small, frustrated sound.

Youko clicked his tongue and murmured in a low voice, to his right, his breath brushing along his shoulder and fingertips pulling away the strands of hair that had fallen from his hair tie. “You can feel your arms just fine. You’re used to the tightness of your own bonds, they restrict your movement even in heists. If you don’t want people to get ideas, Kuronue, then you shouldn’t wear them.”

Kuronue could only manage a grunt in acknowledgement and swallowed what small sliver of his pride was left. He rose up on his knees again and lowered his head, pressing his forehead into the V of his wrists.


The youko only laughed and made himself more comfortable beside him, pressing his cooler body against Kuronue’s, the hardness off his cock pressed against Kuronue’s thigh. Resting on his back while his lower body was turned to face Kuronue. Still he stroked himself slowly, languidly, watching Kuronue past the ivory coloured hair that had gotten just a little too long since they’d decided to lay low for a bit after their last heist. “I like it here, the view is quite nice.”

Kuronue’s wings jerked violent and splayed wide as Kuronue let out a frustrated moan and gasped for air, as if he was having trouble breathing. “Fuck you! I’m going crazy.”

“Maybe,” he murmured calmly, conversationally even. “I like it.”

It was getting hard to resist Kuronue. The way he begged with his body was so very erotic and very, very tempting. Already Youko could feel the trickles of pure want that surged through him. The ones that told him to fuck Kuronue so hard he couldn’t remember his name, let alone breathe. To take and take and take.

He had patience, more than Kuronue, but still, it waned second by second, with each pass of his own hand, lazily gripping his own cock, swirling his thumb, pulling tiny little gasps and sighs from himself as he watched his partner writhe unsatisfied and unable to take some of the need away. Taunting him in the way he arched his back when he gripped himself just a little harder and pumped his hand, used his lithe fingers just so.

Throwing his head back and arching his spine, Kuronue granted him the most wonderful view of his chest and heaving chest and stomach, the strength in his thighs as he nigh roared in frustration. His cheeks dusted with red, lips parted enough for the pearly fangs to be visible. Mostly it was that which had him move up, hands running along Kuronue’s sides, to knell behind him.

“Aa, yes. Nh. Please…Kurama….”

Youko’s fingertips were cool on Kuronue’s fevered skin, his touch enough to make him moan, then jerk violently as a hand wrapped underneath his and fingertips brushed over an overly sensitive nipple. Another arm coiled under his neck, forearm under his chin, pulling his chin up, pressing against his wind pipe. He rose up, doing as Youko wordlessly ordered. He wanted nothing more than to have Youko’s cock buried deep in his ass, ah, as it was he felt too…empty. He wanted to be full, to be fucked and mindless. Screaming, begging for more.

Kuronue shuddered and panted, his fingers clenching and unclenching as he pressed back into Youko, feeling the fingertips that had been at his pert nipple drift down his chest towards his stomach, far to slow. Drawing circles, patterns, tracing his muscles, palms caressing. He tilted his head to the side and then ducked his head when Youko’s fingertips paused at his abdomen…only to have it yanked up again, Youko’s fingers pressing into his jawbone and cheeks, a long scathing hot swipe of a tongue and soft lips gliding along the shell of his tapered ear.

He damn near screamed when finger tips grazed over the bared head of his cock, teasing and rubbing before tracing down the length of leather-like vines wrapped around the shaft of Kuronue’s cock.

Youko purred in his ear as he palmed Kuronue’s balls, massaging them gently and then not so gently, watching Kuronue’s different reactions and varying cries of pleasure spiked through with pain. Enjoyed him writhing in his arms, leaning his head back on Youko’s shoulder, begging in broken little cries, damn near sobs.

If Kuronue hadn’t been completely willing to do whatever Youko wanted before, he was now. Shuddering and whining, keeping his eyes bolted tight, crying out hoarsely at each touch that sent jolts of pleasure right through him. Youko’s drug made him overly sensitive, receptive to al kinds of touches that he should have been able to shrug off. He ducked his head, hiding his face behind his hair, but it did little to conceal just how much he wanted to get off.

Youko moved back, licking his way down his spine, his hands shifted, suddenly placing themselves on Kuronue’s thighs, fingertips digging into his skin. He moved down, pressing a kiss on Kuronue’s lower back and then urging him to lean forward again, but to spread his knees a little wider. His tongue lathed along Kuronue’s balls, lips parting to take them one at a time into his mouth, sucking and teasing, then licking along his perineum with the tip of his tongue. Making a sound deep in the back of his throat, something akin to a pleased hum that lasted longer than should have been normal.

Hissing, Kuronue pulled his hands closer to his chest, testing the strength of clove knot and the headboard itself. The whole bed shuddered, and Kuronue’s wings arched almost irritably, back the only sound he made was a broken and utterly frustrated moan. He shook, hips jerking forward automatically, and gritted his teeth as he whined something that sounded vaguely like Youko’s name.

“Louder,” he murmured, flicking his long pink tongue out once more.

Kuronue pressed his forehead back into his arms and shuddered violently, holding back the sound that threatened to break through with each heave of his chest.

Youko chuckled, tilting his head as he leant back up. “No?”

He pulled Kuronue’s hips back and forced his legs together, making him stretch out with his arms out before him. Taking phial from the bed covers beside him, that he’d kept near by, he pulled the stopper with his teeth and poured a generous amount of the slightly thick, clear nectar on his cock. Kuronue was already stretched and lubed enough for Youko to have brought another in to fuck his tight ass with him, but he wasn’t about to give Kuronue the pleasure just yet.

Kuronue pulled his head up, gasping and manage to grind out words that sound like he was at least somewhat in control of his own needs. “Don’t you dare—nnnh….”

Youko ignored him in favour of using his own knees to keep Kuronue’s legs together and transpired some of the slick nectar to the inside of his thighs. Without a single word of warning he slipped cock between Kuronue’s thigh, groaning quietly to himself at the blessed release. Emotionless golden eyes disappeared behind white eyelashes and he tilted his head back. He shifted his hips one, twice, again, and again, essentially fucking Kuronue’s thighs. He grinned a little, between moans, and rolled his shoulders, his hands finding purchase on Kuronue’s waist and lower back.

Kuronue couldn’t keep his balance all that well, but his wings helped some, keeping control of his wails of need was another matter however. It was weird, Youko’s thick and hot cock moved between his thighs and brushed against his balls, his own cock, though bound, reacted and felt the sensations still. He writhed and squirmed, still denied the brutal pleasure he seeked. This was a slow, horrible torture. He felt like tearing his hair out in his own, desperate need. He barely noticed he tears, reduced to a sobbing mess, begging and twisting his arms in the hold off his own leather arms binds, turned against him.

“Kurama…please, fuck me, fuck me,” he rasped, wrists twisting and tugging, fingers gripping at the bed sheets and the headboard itself, fighting against the thick leather holding his wrists together. Youko’s continuous thrusts pitched him forward every so often, and the odd sensation never ceased. His distress only increased. He couldn’t move or reciprocate at all, he gained some pleasure but with his cock going on untouched and bound, it only heightened his frustrations. Made his begging turn into wails and the need coursing through his body turned violent, wedging a hole in his chest. Empty so empty.

Youko enjoyed himself in the meanwhile, letting his mouth fall open as his head fell back on his shoulders, the wisps of his silver hair brushing along his ass with each thrust, his tail curling around his left leg as his heels dug into the mattress. He groaned when he felt the first, small sense of his control creeping inwards, and the rise of orgasm. Waiting in the wings, clawing its way forward, keeping low to the ground.

Kuronue’s petty little cries did nothing to help him, the short, little gasping moans and hoarse begging punctuating with occasional sobs, the sight of his back, straining arms and oddly arched wings helped too.

Youko wanted nothing more than to fucking him until he screamed ‘mercy’ but he was more concerned with the way his balls tightened. Clenching his teeth he arched forward and let out a shaky sigh as he shuddered, his hands on Kuronue’s waist tightened, sharp nailed fingers digging into his skin in a way that must have been painful.

He could see nothing but his own white hair as he came, suffering through the undulations of utter pleasure, tipping his head back again and groaning. He kept up with the uneven thrusts between Kuronue’s thighs, ignoring his increasingly desperate and needy cries. At least until his breathing calmed a little and his cock softened, he panted, tipping his head forward to gaze down at Kuronue half interestedly.

Shaking, Kuronue glared at his hands, past what had fallen out of his hair tie and fell in his eyes. He writhed, spreading his legs sides and grinding his hips into the mattress as soon as his legs were freed by Youko. It only made him feel more frustrated, the smooth cord of the vine around his cock stopped most of the sensation and his head was over sensitised.

Taking a moment to properly catch his breath, Youko leant forward and eased Kuronue’s right wing to fold against Kuronue’s back, and then grabbed his left hip and pulled. Flipping Kuronue over, forcing his arms to fold into an ‘x’ position above his head, he gazed at Kuronue with appreciation.

Writhing, Kuronue arched his back and shifted his legs to slide them along Youko’s thighs and waist, trying to pull him closer as his head tipped back. He spent a moment considering, taking his sweet time, then leant forward and placed a hand either side of Kuronue’s ribs and lowered himself, but remained on his knees, keeping psychical contact to a minimum.

He brought his face close to Kuronue’s own, golden eyes taking in the wet tracks down Kuronue’s cheeks and his flushed, desperate countenance. “I’ve had my fun, shall I leave you to sweat the tonic out?”

“No!” Kuronue yelled, too quickly and a pitch too high. Frenzied for a moment, he managed to calm himself, staring up at Youko, his pupils wide enough to swallow up all the colour of his eyes.

Tilting his head a little, like a curious dog, his lips twisted into a perverted smile. Sinking down Kuronue’s chest, kissing and licking a path, gliding his tongue over Kuronue’s nipples and running his thumbs over them, pinching enticingly as he continued down, dipping a talented tongue into Kuronue’s navel on the way, Youko exuded nothing but utter smugness.

Kuronue was arching his back long before Youko’s hot lips sealed over the head of his cock, and his fingers tugged at the tie of the vine, unravelling the tight hold on his cock, but leaving the end of the long cord that coiled around the base of his cock and balls as his lips sunk down his length. Hot, heat, suction. Youko’s filthy lips sealed around his cock, his tongue tracing lines along the underside of his cock, oh gods, he was going to come.

He watched--of course he watched, who wouldn’t want to watch Youko Kurama suck a dick—barely able to hold back his scream as he descended and rose, lathing his tongue along the head of his cock, dipping the tip of his tongue into the slit, golden eyes watching, watching, urging.

He couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t see. Youko pulled the cord once again, his fancy knot undoing by itself as tugged, the muscle in his arm and shoulder evident. He opened his mouth, leaving his lower lip on Kuronue cock.

His eyes flicked up to Kuronue, gold searing through his white hair. “Come.”

He did, screaming all the way, twisting his arms above his head, pressing his head back into the mattress. Youko caught his come, most of it anyway. The rest of it dribbled from the corners of his mouth as he coaxed as much as he could out of Kuronue, sucking hard and long.

When Kuronue could focus his eyes properly again, Youko crawled up and laid himself on his chest, winding a hand into his hair and pulling his head up. He kissed him, pinching Kuronue’s nose and forcing his to swallow what come Youko kept in his mouth, then he backed away, took a deep breath and soothed Kuronue’s tear with another long kiss.

There was a lot to be said for ‘laying low’ when things got too hot for them to venture outside. Well, they had each other’s company at least.

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