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Location:Perth, WA, Australia
Ravens and Writing Desks

I like Alice in Wonderland. You'll see references to it here and there, sometimes I go by the name "Red Queen" (or just Q) but other than that I'm usually just Osoimaru or Hatzerial--depending on how you know me. Dana Grey is my pen name for serious original writings that I publish online.

I like puppets and dolls, anime and videogames. I write a lot in my free time, be it original or fan fiction, it calms me down and gives me a way to vent. As such I do what my muse tells me to, when it tells me to, so I update spasmodically.

Usually I stay in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom, but I have been known to skip about sometimes. My OTP is KuronuexYouko, they're my preciousesss...ess.

I'm Australian, so uhm, my want to shove 'u's or 's's everywhere is not an OCD thing, just a country thing. I am in the future!

This journal is somewhat f-locked, most of the entries I make that have nothing to do with fandom are f-locked. Feel free to friend if you'd like to see them, I honestly don't bite much and I like meeting new people on Eljay.

I tend to disappear ever November for NaNoWriMo, so don't expect any activity fic-wise throughout November. :D Unless I finish early or something.

Enjoy my fan fiction while you're here; but be aware I write some weird shit sometimes and I like gore a little too much. Ah, check out my recommendation page whilst you're at it. There's lots of yummy things there from different fandoms, some original things and helpful sites.

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