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Title: War is Hell
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (AU)
Pairing: Sephiroth/Zack (Sephiroth/Angeal/Genesis)
Warnings: Military nerdery.
Rating: M
Summary: Hel on Gaia, otherwise known as the Wutai War, became something much more interesting for Zack when General Sephiroth joined the game.
Notes: AU because I want Angeal, Genesis, Sephiroth and Zack to be able to hold a conversation without reaching for their weapons or coughing up feathers every two seconds. I have also taken the timeline and Sephiroth’s gender and fucked it in the ass without lube.

Outfit for Sephiroth and general idea for the whole thing came from [personal profile] askerian.

Strangely enough, though they had been told that General Sephiroth would be arriving from Base Alpha Zero in Cosmo on the cargo plane along with their latest supplies, mail, A company and reinforcement SOLDIERs, there was no sense of urgency just yet. )
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Title: Suburbia
Pairing: Yusuke/Kurama (Yusuke/Kurama/Keiko)
Rating: R
Warnings: BDSM.
Summary: Yusuke and Kurama have never been model citizens of suburbia. No reason they should start now.
Notes: Dedicated to [personal profile] hcolleen, for her birthday! Also trying out a new pairing. For some reason I always see Yusuke and Kurama in this kind of a relationship rather than a vanilla one.

She’s frozen us some food since she reckons noodles can only sustain us for so long. Tsch. I mean, you cook right? Of course you do, but I have other things in mind for you. )
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Title: Only You
Rating: R
Warnings: Slavery, forced participation in BDSM.
Fandom: YYH
Pairings:Karasu/Kurama, Bui/Kurama, Bui/Karasu/Kurama.
Summary: Karasu invites Bui to enjoy in his new slave.
Notes: Written for [profile] yyh_kinkmeme. Originally I felt a little horrible about using BDSM for such evil purposes, because the last thing I want is for twits to think it’s a ‘bad’ practice, but still. It’s fucking hot y/y?

"Come see," Karasu said, standing on the landing of the staircase. Long fingers caressed the metal balustrade, smoothing back and forth. There was dried blood under his nails. )
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Title: Lover Mine
Fandom: YYH
Pairing: Karasu/Sakyo
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, rape, torture.
Summary: Sakyo is held captive by Karasu. He is, of course, appropriately tormented.
Notes: Yeah okay, I had to have Karasu call him Mr Sakyo. It feels like sacrilege not to have him do so after reading [profile] sekahyyh’s stuff. Written for [profile] yyh_kinkmeme .

Darkness bore down on them, almost stifling in the darkened room. The window was open, and the lace curtains were still and lifeless. )
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Title: Equilibrium
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-con, mentions of torture, dub-con, rough sex.
Fandom: YYH
Pairings: Yomi/Youko Kurama/Kuronue, Kuronue/Youko Kurama, Youko Kurama/Yomi.
Summary: There's often a thin line between fight and fuck when it comes to matters of jealousy.
Notes: De-anoning myself from [profile] yyh_kinkmeme . Yomi, aaah, how stubborn you are...I still hate writing you though. Asshole. Not you Kuronue. I love you baby, never change. <3

Yomi wondered if Youko had ever been less of an ice-prince. )
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Title: Revelry (1/2)
Fandom: FFVII (Upstreamverse)
Rating: M
Words: 6,439
Warnings: Yaoi, het, (no actual intercourse) alcohol
Pairings: Sephiroth/Scarlet, Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud
Summary: Mako tended to disagree with the duties of a corporate General and Scarlet knew just when to strike.
Notes: So, this has been split into two fics to spare my sanity.

She’d shot a lieutenant between the legs once, for being far too distasteful and she more than a little drunk. No one seemed to have forgotten it. )
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Title: Just Desserts
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-con, voyeurism.
Pairing: Kurama/Karasu (in that order)
Summary: Kurama wants all the sins of insanity carved in his mind and body. Karasu must be punished for his presumption.
Notes: Hiei kind of...forced his way in here. For [profile] mika_starlight . ♥

Death was an escape.  )
Music:: The Plague - Jesper Kyd
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Title: Bureaucratism
Fandom: FFVII
Warnings: Dub-con, threesome (M/F/M)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Genesis/Scarlet/Sephiroth
Summary: Scarlet squirms her way into getting two Generals to sweeten the deal, for whom, failure is not an option.
Note: I wrote this for the FFVII kink meme, but I don’t mind loosing anonymity, so I’m posting it here too. Prompt was: Genesis/Scarlet/Sephiroth dub-con, with Sephiroth feeling victimised.
I love Scarlet. I really do.

Genesis was in fine form tonight, hand sliding up the bared portion of Scarlet's leg and hitching her dress up further, rumpling the fine material until he could twist his wrist to feel between her legs. )
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Title: The Weary
Pairing: Youko/Kuronue (Yomi/Random)
Warnings: None other than a little purple prose.
Rating: G (LOL WUT)
Summary: When you love someone, even the mundane moments are special.
Notes: I blame HH. This is also just something to wake fic!muse up

Music:: Three Days Grace - Just Like You
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Warnings: Guro, torture, non-con, character death(s), catatonia, angst.
Pairing: Karasu/Kurama (Kurama/Hiei)
Rating: R18+ (for gore and sex)
Summary: Kurama's last few weeks after Team Urameshi failed to defeat Team Toguro.
Notes: Erm...too much time on Gurochan...yeah... Bui failed to defeat Hiei, for the purpose of plot, but the others of Team Toguro won.

One could only wonder just how things would have really turned out if Team Toguro hadn't won. )
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Title: Zodiac
Rating: M
Warnings: None this chapter.
Pairings: KuramaxHiei, KarasuxKurama.
Summary: Rule Number One: do not fuck bandmates or members of other bands.
Notes: I apologise to one of my RL friends. I borrowed the name of your guitar for Kuronue.
Previous Chapters: Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6

“I have enough of a criminal record, thank you,” he snarled. The Yakuza was what had started all this shit in the first place. Was Youko - no, he just went by Kurama now- still involved with them? Stupid shit wouldn’t ever fucking learn. )
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Title: Zodiac
Rating: M
Pairings: KuramaxHiei, KarasuxKurama. Triangleish.
Summary: Rule Number One: do not fuck bandmates or members of other bands.
Notes: This chapter is nothing but a really big tease I guess. But, plotplotplot. And I am dreadfully aware of how Australian this chapter may appear when I start saying 'mobile' or 'phone' instead of 'cell'.
Previous Chapters: Prologue 1 2 3

he condemned him for not killing her himself and enjoying in the sorrow, the despair and utter closeness that came with it. )
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Title: Mirror, Mirror
Warnings: Non-con. Foursome. DP (double penetration). Blowjob. Angst. Violence. Character death(s). Bondage of the bad kind. Dirty talk/taunting.
Pairings: MajarixKurama. KuronuexKuramaxKarasuxYouko. (Yeah, you read that right.)
Rating: R18+ (NC-17/R whateverthehighestratingisoverthere)
Summary: Demon God Majari had been quite the fan of Youko Kurama in the past. Now with the chance to torment and punish the traitor he’ll take full advantage of the opportunity.
Notes: I was re-watching the movie and I got attacked by bunnies soon after. They gnawed at my brain all night. Thus this was born. Unfamiliar characters are from the Poltergeist Report movie, they aren’t OCs. I built a bit on Majari’s character and took tome liberties however, as he only has a small appearance. Though he DOES smirk at Kurama when he calls Kuwabara’s name, hence the rabid bunnies.

“Fuck him already,” Youko growled impatiently, long hair sliding from his shoulder to shield his face as he plucked at his sash, his ears twitching slightly. “He chose this fate, he’s gagging for it.” )
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Title: Zodiac
Rating: PG13 this chapter.
Warnings: None really.
Pairings: KuramaxHiei, Karasu xKurama. Triangleish.
Summary: Rule Number One: do not fuck bandmates or members of other bands.
Notes: The fated meeting. I think I’m bouncing a little between purple prose and artistic license. Thoughts?
Previous Chapters: Prologue 1 2

WS )
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Title: Gold and Leather
Warnings: Bondage, orgasm denial, oral.
Rating: R18+
Summary: Youko and Kuronue must lay low for a while after their last heist blew up in their faces in a rather catastrophic way. But ah, how to pass the time?
Notes: Challenged myself to write sex without penetration, yo. :D

Very NSFW )

Music:: Bleed In Silence - :WUMPSCUT:
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Title: Zodiac
Rating: R18+ (NC-17)
Warnings: Weirdness, drugs.
Pairings: KuramaxHiei, KarasuxKurama.
Summary: Rule Number One: do not fuck bandmates or members of other bands.
Notes: Apocalyptica have been a big inspiration for Karasu’s instrument and the music he makes (other than the typical Karasuness). The song he plays here isn’t a song they wrote, but they covered it and raped the shit out of it in wonderful ways that would make even Andre Rieu weep. Here’s Hall of the Mountain King for you. I’m also a little worried about Karasu’s characterization this chapter. Sorry if he’s a little out, I blame it on the LSD.
Previous Chapters: Prologue

WS sadly )

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Title: The Grey Area
Rating: NC-17 to be safe.
Warnings: Violence, sex, cannibalism. Darkfic. All standard Karasu warnings :DDD
Pairing: KarasuxKurama, (unrequited) BuixKarasu, (vaugue) KarasuxYusuke.
Summary: You either fit into two slots, victim or associate, or you become something worth keeping purely for aesthetic reasons.
Notes: Short introspective Karasu-centric thing. He’s been hanging around a lot, prodding me to write more of him. So I wrote this to get his violent tendencies out of my system while I had some time to waste.

Music:: Knights of Cydonia - Muse
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Title: …And I Can’t Stop It.
Warnings: Uhm, angst? Some bondage.
Rating: Very NC-17.
Parings: MotherxKurama.
Summary:Hm, I steered you onto a better path. Stick to it this time.
Notes: Trying out some different things, which means P.O.V is all over the place at the moment. Uhm, this should be set a little before Saint Beasts. Sequel to The World is Spinning…
I went a little italics happy. XD Sorry.
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Title: The World is Spinning
Warning: Hermaphrodite sex. XD Slightly angsty if you squint. Italics abuse.
Rating: NC-17 (or 18+)
Pairings: KuramaxMotherNature. KuramaxHiei. Various others.
Summary: I don’t know if you’re worth my mentoring anymore, Kurama. Not in this body.
This is set before Kurama meets Yusuke and Kuwabara, but after he meets Hiei. Basically a little before the manga/anime starts.
This is a little bit of an exercise for myself in tense and writing style. If it feels odd that may be why.
The full title will be ‘The world is spinning, and I can’t stop it.’ There may end up being a companion fic.

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Title: Gorgon
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/characters: Gen. YoukoKurama-centric.
Warning: A little bit of gore. A little swearing.
Summary: Youko in the early days, before fame, fortune and strength. He had his own fair share of interesting encounters with creatures and myths.
Notes: Fucking with Makai is just too much fun. If anything doesn’t make sense, sorry, I haven’t seen the series in ages. I forget things easily. XD.
This is that Swamp People thing I was going on about earlier.

Work Safe )
Music:: When Worlds Collide - Powerman 5000
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Title: Sonata
Pairing: MotherNaturexKuronuexYoukoKurama
Rating: Very NC-17
Warnings: PWP. Threesome, bondage, bloodletting.
Summary: Serve me and aid in reminding the little bitch were he truly belongs, creature?
Notes: This is a splinter from another fic. Muse wants what it wants and I cannot deny it its dirty little bunnies when they go on brain raping rampages. So here’s 12 pages of pure smut for you all.


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Title: Façade
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: KuronuexYouko
Warnings: PWP. Bondage, rough-ish sex.
Notes: This is very PWP in the fact that it’s not connected to anything else I have written so far :3
My clock tells me it's the 31st. So, this is for [profile] mika_starlight Happy Birthday!

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Title: The Fruits of My Labour.
Warnings: Necrophilia! *jumps up and down* For those of you who don't know what that is it's fucking corpses!!
Pairing: KarasuxKurama
Notes: Lack of dialog disturbs me. This will go up on AFF too me thinks.
Summary: Inside and out, in life and death, this boy, this human masquerade, was his.
Music:: Red - Combichrist
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Title: Autumn
Warnings: A little gore, some bondage, head, anal.
Pairings: You know, half the time I don’t even bother putting this here because, chances are, its going to be Youko and Kuronue more often than not. KuronuexYouko.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Surrounded by the death of the earth itself, Youko intends to take it out of whomever comes across his path.
Notes: For [profile] nytekit
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Title: Hidden, Something’s Always There
Rating: NC-17 (oh, welcome home, baby.)
Warnings: Crossdressing on Youko's part. : D
Summary: He always got what he wanted, and if you didn't like it... well, he'd make you like it.
Notes: Right so, in my head, Youko and Kuronue exist somewhere around the 18th century, because Youko didn’t do too well in keeping himself together once Kuronue kicked the bucket and the Yomi thing happened. (The way I see it everything started goin’ to shit once Kuronue died.) So, Youko’s dress looks something like this, only more randy and showing a little more of his arms.

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Title: The Special Ones
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: YoukoxKurama, KuramaxKuwabara.
Summary: Inner demons can be a bitch.
Notes: I wasn’t planning on posting this specific fic, but it demanded to be written ASAP and well, frankly I couldn’t find it in myself to argue. I don’t usually write smutty and angst-ish stuff so I have no idea if it worked or not.
Music:: Coma - Yann Tiersen
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Time to Waste
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: YoukoxKuronue
Warnings: PWP, spanking, rough sex.
Summary: Well, we had to fill in the time somehow, didn’t we? We invented games, and scenarios, by which we could entertain ourselves with in our dead time.
Notes: Just a quickie. Have fun ^_~
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Title: Seeking Heat
Pairing: YoukoxKuronue (Youko 18, Kuronue 17)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blowjob, one-shot, High school AU. (legal) teensex0rs. Seems to be more smut than pronz. Kuro-centric-ish.
Summery: It wasn’t the most typical of first dates, if it could even be called that.
Notes: I need to get my AU on. It feels neglected.

Music:: Apocalypse Please - Muse
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Title: The Silk of Benzaiten
Rating: This chapter is PG-13. I dunno about the other chapters yet (if there’s going to be any more.)
Warnings: Pirates arrrgh. POTCYYH xover
Pairings: KarasuxKurama, eventual KuramaxHiei.
Summery: From the moment his identity was discovered, his life was destined for chaos.
Notes: So…I sort of know where this is going. I had a thought about this a long time ago, and I decided I’d write it down. The name came from this notice that mountain mentioned? See the foreshadowing? See, see? *is shot*
 Chapters Song:Forced In” – Muse
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Title: Narcissus
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Warnings: Swearing ahoy. Other than that nothing to report.
Parings: Hints of YoukoxKuronue, but for the most part Gen. (lol wut?)
Summery: Humans have a way of tainting the truth. The truth, as it happened, was that Narcissus had the misfortune of meeting Youko Kurama.
Notes: I know this has far too many things in common with Pandora’s Gift, but the temptation was too…tempting to resist. For information see the flower and the myth.
Also, for the most part, Youko’s P.O.V is usually taking place at a different times to Kuronue’s, unless they are mentioned roundabout the same time.
Oh and Kuronuecentric. Something of there isn't enough of on teh_webz.
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