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Title: Walking Thin Lines
Rating: R
Warnings: Badtouch/molestation, non-con (no penetrative sex)
Pairing: Karasu/Kurama
Summary: Karasu, the new chemistry teacher, has Kurama stay back after school.
Note: For the [profile] yyh_kinkmeme . My excuse for the requested OOC is that it’s AU.

Like you didn't know it was me who wrote this already....

"You’re such a handsome boy, Kurama, I wouldn’t want such a pretty thing like you to get into trouble." )
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Title: Ash
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-con, violence, horses
Fandom: YYH (AU)
Pairing: Karasu/Kurama
Summary: Kurama’s world ended when outlaws came to town.
Notes: For the prompt of the [profile] yyh_kinkmeme . It’s since turned into a planned Multiple chaptered fic rather than a oneshot.
Also: OH MY GOD IT'S A WESTERN. Yes, it's blink and miss at the moment but I'm getting so much inspiration from Hang 'Em High it's not funny.

ANYWAY. Enjoy.

He’d always thought the world would end at dusk for some reason, not high noon.  )
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Title: Suburbia
Pairing: Yusuke/Kurama (Yusuke/Kurama/Keiko)
Rating: R
Warnings: BDSM.
Summary: Yusuke and Kurama have never been model citizens of suburbia. No reason they should start now.
Notes: Dedicated to [personal profile] hcolleen, for her birthday! Also trying out a new pairing. For some reason I always see Yusuke and Kurama in this kind of a relationship rather than a vanilla one.

She’s frozen us some food since she reckons noodles can only sustain us for so long. Tsch. I mean, you cook right? Of course you do, but I have other things in mind for you. )
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Title: Possessed
Rating: R
Pairing: Yomi/Kurama, Kuronue/Kurama
Warnings: Possession
Summary: Visitations, dreams, whispers on the wind. Kurama is on edge; tonight he comes to visit.
Notes: For [personal profile] blueutopiah who needs some porn.

Boy’s got issues, you know... )
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Title: Only You
Rating: R
Warnings: Slavery, forced participation in BDSM.
Fandom: YYH
Pairings:Karasu/Kurama, Bui/Kurama, Bui/Karasu/Kurama.
Summary: Karasu invites Bui to enjoy in his new slave.
Notes: Written for [profile] yyh_kinkmeme. Originally I felt a little horrible about using BDSM for such evil purposes, because the last thing I want is for twits to think it’s a ‘bad’ practice, but still. It’s fucking hot y/y?

"Come see," Karasu said, standing on the landing of the staircase. Long fingers caressed the metal balustrade, smoothing back and forth. There was dried blood under his nails. )
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Title: Lover Mine
Fandom: YYH
Pairing: Karasu/Sakyo
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, rape, torture.
Summary: Sakyo is held captive by Karasu. He is, of course, appropriately tormented.
Notes: Yeah okay, I had to have Karasu call him Mr Sakyo. It feels like sacrilege not to have him do so after reading [profile] sekahyyh’s stuff. Written for [profile] yyh_kinkmeme .

Darkness bore down on them, almost stifling in the darkened room. The window was open, and the lace curtains were still and lifeless. )
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Title: Equilibrium
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-con, mentions of torture, dub-con, rough sex.
Fandom: YYH
Pairings: Yomi/Youko Kurama/Kuronue, Kuronue/Youko Kurama, Youko Kurama/Yomi.
Summary: There's often a thin line between fight and fuck when it comes to matters of jealousy.
Notes: De-anoning myself from [profile] yyh_kinkmeme . Yomi, aaah, how stubborn you are...I still hate writing you though. Asshole. Not you Kuronue. I love you baby, never change. <3

Yomi wondered if Youko had ever been less of an ice-prince. )
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Title: Just Desserts
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-con, voyeurism.
Pairing: Kurama/Karasu (in that order)
Summary: Kurama wants all the sins of insanity carved in his mind and body. Karasu must be punished for his presumption.
Notes: Hiei kind of...forced his way in here. For [profile] mika_starlight . ♥

Death was an escape.  )
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Title: Hair
Warnings: Shameless PWP, non-con, bloodplay, necrophilia, character death.
Pairing: Karasu/Kurama
Fandom: YYH
Rating: R
Summary: Karasu corners Kurama in the shower.
Notes: For the lovely [profile] sekahyyh. This fits nowhere in the YYH timeline at all, it’s in its own little time-space pocket.

Red-nailed fingers closed around the tap and water began to flow. It was cold on his skin, but he was already chilled to the bone from the other man standing so damnably close to him, trapping him. )
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Title: Bureaucratism
Fandom: FFVII
Warnings: Dub-con, threesome (M/F/M)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Genesis/Scarlet/Sephiroth
Summary: Scarlet squirms her way into getting two Generals to sweeten the deal, for whom, failure is not an option.
Note: I wrote this for the FFVII kink meme, but I don’t mind loosing anonymity, so I’m posting it here too. Prompt was: Genesis/Scarlet/Sephiroth dub-con, with Sephiroth feeling victimised.
I love Scarlet. I really do.

Genesis was in fine form tonight, hand sliding up the bared portion of Scarlet's leg and hitching her dress up further, rumpling the fine material until he could twist his wrist to feel between her legs. )
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Title: Mirror, Mirror
Warnings: Non-con. Foursome. DP (double penetration). Blowjob. Angst. Violence. Character death(s). Bondage of the bad kind. Dirty talk/taunting.
Pairings: MajarixKurama. KuronuexKuramaxKarasuxYouko. (Yeah, you read that right.)
Rating: R18+ (NC-17/R whateverthehighestratingisoverthere)
Summary: Demon God Majari had been quite the fan of Youko Kurama in the past. Now with the chance to torment and punish the traitor he’ll take full advantage of the opportunity.
Notes: I was re-watching the movie and I got attacked by bunnies soon after. They gnawed at my brain all night. Thus this was born. Unfamiliar characters are from the Poltergeist Report movie, they aren’t OCs. I built a bit on Majari’s character and took tome liberties however, as he only has a small appearance. Though he DOES smirk at Kurama when he calls Kuwabara’s name, hence the rabid bunnies.

“Fuck him already,” Youko growled impatiently, long hair sliding from his shoulder to shield his face as he plucked at his sash, his ears twitching slightly. “He chose this fate, he’s gagging for it.” )
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Title: Intoxicated
Pairing: YoukoxKuronue
Rating: NC-17 (or R18+ depending on the country you’re in.)
Warnings: Crossdressing and stilettos.
Summary: Kuronue still didn’t understand what the hell this was.
Notes: My narrative is a little different in these Seeking Heat things. I quite like it. It suits Kuronue.

This is the sequel to Seeking Heat.

Not Work Safe )
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